The Beating Status Quo workshop is here. It’s a couple of hours of useful frameworks and training on how to nudge your prospects down the sales funnel when they get stuck.

This training will become increasingly useful as we move deeper into the recession and B2B buyers start to tighten their grasp on available budget.

The recession isn’t anything to be scared of if you can position a value proposition to help during these times and also keep the momentum throughout the buying cycle.

We’re going to cover this more and more on the group coaching calls so stay tuned.

We’ve got some updates coming before the end of the year that I wanted to quickly share –

  • Beating status quo workshop – i.e. how to sell during a recession when everyone is being tight fisted with their cash and is stuck in their decision making.
  • Selling Made Simple book – All students will get a copy and some bonus training material as well when this launches.
  • Sales Search – You can search for nearly anything in that top search bar on most pages of the platform. There’s a massive content library update coming to make it more effective.

I’ll drop y’all an email when these free updates are ready for you on the platform. There might be an additional surprise or two as well :).

We’ve just added the Build your prospecting list workshop to your training plan. This workshop will help you build a list of prospect to test your ICP and cadence against so that you can quickly iterate and see if you’re on the right tracks.

I’m told that our group coaching calls are the most valuable part of Selling Made Simple Academy.

That’s why we’ve just rolled out an update to make it even easier for you to hop on them.

On the coaching page you can now select an call and see the start time in your timezone –

Jump on the Zoom call, ask your selling questions and get answers from not just myself but other high performing sellers too.

Recently we’ve –

  • Torn apart and rebuilt students cold emails
  • Role played cold calls
  • Created new value propositions
  • Drastically improved LinkedIn profiles

Hopefully we’ll see you on the next one :).