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"When I started I was at a 15% close rate. After 30 days I increased my close rate to 35% "

Amanda, account executive

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"It's really pragmatic, very straight forward and you can get going straight away"

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"It gives you a really good base foundation. It gives you very easy and applicable steps"

Sam, sales professional

"I recommend the program because of the high quality material and the support"​

Lysmuna, small business owner

"I've already used Will's process to win new customer orders and I can recommend his training program"

Simon, business owner

"It's not just another traditional sales training"

Adam, sales manager

"Overall the course is excellent and I highly recommend it"

Greg, small business owner

"I like that the principles are based upon the scientific method"

Jozef, business owner

"We have started training all our reps on this and it's fantastic"

Bruce, co-founder

"We also use the resources to coach and carry out training for our team"

Ed, commercial senior director

"I'd recommend hopping on the coaching calls because they're incredibly valuable"

Frederick, business owner

"You will improve your skills and it applies to any industry"

Jeffrey, sales consultant

"What I like about is how clear the training is"

Alex, account executive