"Our teams meeting booking rate has gone from 2% to 17%." - Hannah, Owner ElectSystems

Use proven frameworks and unlimited coaching to find and close more sales in the next 30 days. Guaranteed.

Unlock your sales potential in 3 simple steps

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Book a quick call to chat with Will and see if you're a good fit for the Salesman.com Academy program.

2) Implement the Selling Made Simple system

Get the coaching, training and support you need to reach your selling potential.

3) Smash your sales quota like clockwork

Diagnose your buyers problems and close them with zero rejection.

"We've achieved an astounding amount of growth. In the last 6-months we've had more growth than the previous two years."

Eshan - Small business owner


"With the aid of the community I've turned around my sales performance and surpassed my number this quarter"

Ohimai - Academic Sales Executive


Your first 30-days in the Academy


A) Understand your market

Create a value proposition that has prospects begging to chat.

B) Book more meetings

Implement a sales cadence that makes booking sales meetings predictable.

C) Close more, bigger sales

Diagnose your buyers problems and close them with zero rejection.

D) Unlock your mental game

Become a professional whois capable of achieving their full potential, year after year.

"When I started the program I was at a 15% close rate. After 30 days I increased my close rate to 35%"​

Amanda - Account executive


"It's not just another traditional sales training"​

Adam - Sales manager


Everything you get inside the Academy


4-week online training

Effective video training covering the 36 proven, step-by-step, selling frameworks.

Quarterly 1-on-1 calls

Uncover the 10% changes that will generate 90% of your results on your quarterly consulting calls.

Pipeline Review

Put your pipeline and deal flow through our bespoke system and better understand their health and potential.

Group coaching calls

Multiple 1-hour Zoom calls per week. Practice, ask questions and get answers.

Asset reviews

Get unlimited reviews of emails, scripts, LinkedIn profile and more by our industry experts.

SalesCode assessment

Take our SalesCode assessment and learn what you need to improve to reach your potential.


Get physical copies of Selling Made Simple and SalesCode shipped right to your door.


Get an accountability partner who will hold you to your weekly selling activities.


Share your journey and ask questions to over 2,000 other high performers.

So far our 2,300+ students have generated


Commissions earned


Deals closed


Revenue delivered

Our students are having massive sales success

"If you're in sales and you want to take your game to the next level"

Liam - Sales professional


"It helped me become a better seller... I urge you to join the Academy"

Ken - Account manager


"It gives you a good base foundation. It gives you easy and applicable steps"

Sam - Sales professional


"It's not just another traditional sales training"

Adam - Sales manager


"Overall the course is excellent and I highly recommend it"​

Greg- Small business owner


"You will improve your skills and it applies to any industry"

Jeffrey - Co-founder


"We also use the resources to coach and carry out training for our team"​

Ed - Commercial senior director


"What I like is that the principles are based on the scientific method"

Jozef - Small business owner


"I'd recommend hopping on the calls because they're incredibly valuable"

Frederick - Small business owner


"It's really pragmatic, very straight forward and you can get going straight away"

David - Sales Enablement Manager


"Highly recommend this program for anyone who is trying to elevate their training and skills"

Jacques - Account executive


"I've already used Will's process to win new customer orders and I can recommend his training program"

Simon - Business owner


"What I like about Salesman.com is how clear the training is"

Alex - Account executive


"We have started training all our reps on this and it's fantastic"

Bruce - Co-founder


"I recommend the program because of the high quality material and the support"

Lysmuna - Small business owner


Got a question?


Do I actually get coached personally by Will Barron?

Yes. Will is on all of your one-on-one calls and all of the group coaching calls. He also spends a few hours each day running through all the sales assets that students send in for review.

What experience is needed for this program?

The program works best for sellers who have some experience who want to take things to the next level. Basically, you're not brand new to sales.

What is the time commitment to complete the program?

The most successful students in the program spend 30 minutes a day working through the training program and attend at least one of the group coaching calls each week.

I feel overwhelmed. Can you help?

The first thing we do when new students join the program is encourage them to quit watching sales YouTube, LinkedIn and podcast content and follow the program. This immediately helps students focus and develop quick success rather than bouncing around between different, half baked ideas.

I don't trust myself to complete the program. How do you keep me accountable?

You can take part in our accountability program that helps you set goals each Monday and then follows up each Friday to keep you accountable to them.

Couldn't I just read the books and do this myself?

The Selling Made Simple and SalesCode books contain everything you need to find and close more deals. Yet, most of the people that read them don't reach their potential. Sellers need nuanced advice, personal coaching and to be surrounded with a community of high performing peers to consistently smash their quotas.

Can I expense this?

Yes, Salesman.com Academy is absolutely a business expense.

What is the refund guarantee?

Our refund guarantee is designed to be abused. That's how confident we are in our training and coaching program.

It's simple, if you don't find and close more deals within the first 30-days of working with us and you've completed the training and tried to put it in action, you can ask for a refund.

Start finding and closing more deals today

Schedule a call with Will and he will meet with you on Zoom to see if Salesman.com Academy is a good fit. If you have any questions, email support@salesman.org.