Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

The First Step

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“We’re drowning in information, but we’re starving for wisdom”

Decide on a percentage of your income that you will set aside

Automate it, download the app which can help

Human needs

  • Certainty / comfort
  • Uncertainty / variety
  • Significance
  • Love and Connection
  • Growth
  • Contribution

Become an Insider

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Get a feduciary, they earn no fees on recommendations and don’t get paid to play.

A Roth IRA is the best and legal tax havens, limited to 5.5k annually, but Roth 401k is limited to 17.5k / year.

“80% of success is psychology, and 20% is mechanics”

“With a disempowering story, failure is guaranteed.”

What’s the Price of Your Dreams? Make the Game Winnable

Financial Security

  1. Mortgage, utilities, food, transportation, and insurance are all covered
  2. To calculate, find these monthly costs:
    1. Rent / Mortgage
    2. Food
    3. Gas / electric / water / phone
    4. Transportation
    5. Insurance
  3. Then add them together, multiply by 12 to get annual cost
  4. Plug it into the calculator in the app to see what you need in your savings to be at this level

Be sure you have an emergency fund!

Financial Vitality

  1. Half of your monthly “comfort” costs covered each month
  2. Calculate by finding half your monthly:
    1. Clothing costs
    2. Dining and entertainment costs
    3. Small indulgences / little luxuries
    4. Add it to your financial security number
    5. Plug it into the app

Financial Independence

  1. When you no longer have to work to sustain the lifestyle you have today
  2. Whatever you’re spending each month on average, multiply that by 12 and it’s your yearly number!
  3. Plug that number into the calculator, or multiply it by 20, to get an idea of how much you need in savings

Financial Freedom

  1. Everything you have today, plus two or three significant luxuries you want in the future which you wouldn’t have to pay for either
  2. Could be a sports car, second home, big donation, etc.
  3. To calculate, find:
    1. Luxury item #1 monthly cost
    2. Luxury item #2 monthly cost
    3. Monthly donation
    4. Monthly income for financial independence
    5. Total
    6. Total x 12

Absolute Financial Freedom

  1. Do anything you want, anytime you want
  2. You don’t have to own the jet, you can rent it per use
  3. Go crazy, pick three huge things you would want
  4. Calculate the monthly:
    1. Luxury item #1
    2. Luxury item #2
    3. Luxury item #3
    4. Monthly income for financial freedom
    5. Total
    6. Total x 12 for annual income

Achieving Success

  1. Unleash your hunger and desire, awaken laser-like focus
  2. Take massive and effective action

Your plan

  1. Answering some questions in the app will help you create your plan
  2. Implement the “Save More Tomorrow” plan to hit your goals faster

Speeding It Up

  1. Save more and invest the difference
    1. Brainstorm all of the recurring expenses you could cut
  2. Earn more and invest the difference
    1. “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job”
  3. Reduce Fees and Taxes
    1. Leverage things like IRAs to reduce your tax payments
  4. Get better returns
  5. Change your life and lifestyle for the better
    1. Change locations! Move somewhere cheaper

Make the Most Important Investment Decision

Asset allocation

  1. Security / Peace of Mind Bucket
    1. Cash / cash equivalents
    2. Bonds
    3. CDs
    4. Your home
    5. Your pension
    6. Annuities
    7. Life insurance
    8. Structured Notes
  2. Risk / Growth Bucket
    1. Equities / stocks
    2. High-yield (junk) bonds
    3. Real estate
    4. Commodities
    5. Currencies
    6. Collectibles
    7. Structured notes
  3. Find your risk tolerance:
  4. Decide what percent you want in your security bucket, and what percent you want in your risk bucket. Your age in security isn’t a bad metric.

Your dream bucket

  1. Set aside some additional percentage to go in a dream bucket


  1. Check your spreads regularly. If one is way up and the others are down then you need to rebalance, at least once a year, maybe twice
  2. Stronghold or another feduciary can do this for free

Create a Lifetime Income Plan

The All Seasons Strategy

  1. Results
    1. 10% year over year on average
    2. Only 4 losses in 40 years, with an average loss of 1.47%. Biggest loss was 3.93%
  2. The Breakdown
    1. 30% in stocks (S&P 500 or other stock indexes)
    2. 15% in intermediate term (seven to ten year treasuries) treasuries
    3. 40% in long term treasuries (20-25 years)
    4. 7.5% in gold
    5. 7.5% in commodities
  3. Stronghold can implement the all seasons for you