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    What to talk about during follow-up (semi)warm call
    Frederik Caspersen
    Apr 23, 2024

    Hi Will,

    I’ve been really enjoying the material you’ve been creating. It answers many of the questions I’ve had.

    One question I haven’t been able to answer for myself concerns the script or topic to discuss when following up with semi-warm prospects (where no prior meeting was scheduled and I only had a short chat with them about their potential needs).

    For some background, I work as a recruiter and offer recruiting services to line managers/project managers, typically hoping to reach prospects when they are looking for temporary staff. Often, the initial contact doesn’t coincide exactly with their needs, so I usually follow up after two months to see if the situation has changed.

    However, I feel like I’m not providing any additional value besides trying to help them solve their problem when I call the second, third, or fourth time, which might hurt the relationship over time if I’m just asking for a diagnostic call.

    Do you have any recommended semi-warm call scripts or topics that are quick to discuss, as I have a large list of calls to make, but are still interesting enough for the prospect to see them as a net gain?


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    Will Barron
    Apr 23, 2024
    Will Barron Apr 23, 2024

    Rather than a script, think about “useful insights” that you can share on a quick call that add enough value on the call to make it worthwhile for the prospect.

    Any insight that makes the prospect go “ah, interesting…” is perfect.

    Frame it up as a quarterly review or something like that so there is a reason to connect.

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