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    What do I sell?
    Adam Shilton
    Apr 3, 2024


    So, I’m struggling with paralysis by analysis.

    As I ramp up my new business, I’m wanting to focus on ONE thing that provides tremendous value to my customers.

    Some of you may know, I’ve become a bit of an influencer in the Corporate Finance / AI space. But a lot of my following has come from the recent hype around AI that isn’t going to last forever.

    – The first problem I have is there’s so many things I COULD do.

    – The second problem is I don’t want anything I do to be short-lived (i.e develop a proposition around AI for it to be redundant in 12 months).

    Some recent feedback on the challenges my audience are facing:

    – Getting my team to be proactive in upskilling on AI
    – I have no clue on where AI can be used & the use cases
    – I want to scale with a lean team (i.e use AI & automation to become more productive as a team)
    – I want to upskill and learn Python to automate processes
    – How do I handle the ‘messy middle’ (i.e manual work outside finance software that isn’t automated)

    My top performing content (it’s 90% AI related)

    – Free AI in finance course
    – Finance activities that CAN and CAN’T be automated
    – How to create your own FP&A tool using AI
    – How to use AI to generate 90% of your presentations
    – How to train your own finance AI in under 5 minutes

    I want to get cracking on actually delivering some workshops so I can get some more feedback one what I can deliver that’s going to be most valuable. But I’m stuck between just continuing with the AI buzz until it peters out, or shifting towards a more evergreen value prop.

    Proposition 1 (AI hype):

    Title: The Finance AI Accelerator
    Persona: SME CFOs
    Value Prop: Upskill your team on AI and free up 1 day a week within 30 days, without expensive software (works even if you’re not a techie)

    Proposition 2 (Evergreen):

    Title: The Finance Tech Accelerator
    Persona: SME CFOs
    Value Prop: Free up 1 day a week within 30 days, using a combo of your existing tech & low cost AI & automation tools (works even if you’re not a techie)

    To begin with, this would be delivered 1:1 over 3 x 1 hour consulting sessions.

    Once I’ve delivered 1:1, I’d then look to create a digital course / product based on feedback of what’s most valuable.

    I’m hoping in taking this approach that I’m not guessing, and I’m creating something people will actually buy.



    Saad Shah
    Apr 4, 2024
    Saad Shah Apr 4, 2024

    Hi Adam. I joined the community about a month ago.

    Would it make sense to narrow your persona to a specific industry? For example, “CFO of a midsize manufacturing company” or “CFO of a midsize company in the United States who wants to simplify their accounting processes”?

    I was in a similar situation a few years ago and I redefined my persona by industry and size (real estate investment and management companies with 2,000 to 20,000 units”. It created a lot of clarity for me and my team.

    Will Barron
    Apr 5, 2024
    Will Barron Apr 5, 2024

    Thanks for the feedback Saad!

    I think the simplest process for you to get cracking Adam is to call your top 5 prospects and ask –

    “You told me that you’re struggling with X. If I put on a workshop/coaching session to solve X, will you be up for it?”

    You’ll get lots of feedback from prospects that they want X or Y. It doesn’t mean shit unless they’re willing to pay you for delivering it.

    Don’t build any content, training or resources until the purchase order is signed.

    Then find people similar to the customer and offer them the same thing.

    All the fancy value props and that kinda stuff comes in when you’re doing cold outreach to prospects who don’t know you.

    Unless you tell me otherwise, I think you’ve got a bunch of potential customers who you could book a meeting with and so it’s better to have a conversation and deliver a minimal-viable-service to confirm what the market wants.

    Get a few of them in the bag. Bit of revenue coming in. Then try and productize it and scale with cold outreach/content marketing.

    Always here for you mate if you have any other questions. But you’re now at the point of poking the market and seeing how they respond.

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