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    Value Proposition(s) Review
    Saad Shah
    Mar 20, 2024

    I have created several versions of my value proposition. Would welcome feedback.

    1. RentViewer helps asset managers uncover opportunities for driving higher income and reducing expenses by easily analyzing data using modern data analytics tools.



    1. RentViewer helps real estate asset manager teams become more productive and valuable by utilizing modern data analytics tool and being less dependent on Excel.


    1. I help asset managers find opportunities to improve asset and portfolio performance by expertly utilizing data analytics.


    1. RentViewer puts asset management on steroids!


    1. I help real estate executives make sure they stay on business plan by giving them data analytics capability to analyze the leading indicators of portfolio performance.



    1. I help asset management teams gain a solid understanding of asset performance by giving them tools to drill into their data.


    1. The RentViewer data analytics platform is used by real estate asset managers to find ways to drive higher investor returns.



    1. We make data analysts in real estate companies more productive and more useful by providing them a data infrastructure and coaching in data analytics.






    Will Barron
    Mar 20, 2024
    Will Barron Mar 20, 2024

    Hey Saad. As we discussed on our call earlier, we need more “desire” in these.

    The more extreme the more extreme the desire of the prospect to relieve the pain or introduce the pleasure, the more likely they are to move from the zone of indifference into a state of action.

    You’ve also created a value propositions for a bunch of different ICPs (data analysts, real estate asset managers etc).

    I’d encourage you to pick whichever ICP is most like to book a meeting and build our your value prop and sales cadence for them specifically.

    Once we tap out that market, we can then move onto the next ICP.


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