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    Value Proposition
    Philip Ayazi
    Feb 12, 2024

    Hey Everyone,

    I have a couple of versions of my value proposition. Any critiques are welcome. Thanks.

    1) I help lab managers, reduce costly downtime and maintenance of equipment, by offering robust and reliable laboratory equipment.

    2) I help lab managers, enable their staff to complete complex analyses by offering laboratory equipment that is accurate, robust and simple to use.

    3) We help Lab Managers, avoid costly maintenance and downtime of analytical equipment, by offering laboratory instruments with superior sample handling.

    4) We help Lab Managers oversee efficient and accurate laboratory operations. Which increases laboratory productivity and growth. Unlike mainstream vendors who haven’t evolved with the increasing analytical requirements of modern-day laboratories.

    Will Barron
    Feb 19, 2024
    Will Barron Feb 19, 2024

    To follow up on us chatting about this on last weeks group coaching –

    • If people are usually excited to talk about a specific product, leverage it and be specific about it within your value prop.
    • Could you go deeper by leaning into the results of reducing downtime? Job security, more likely for the lab to get better projects etc.
    Michael Stone
    Mar 18, 2024
    Michael Stone Mar 18, 2024

    I think the second one flows the best.

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