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    Top of Funnel Rebrand
    Adam Shilton
    Jan 17, 2024


    Right now, I’m struggling with my top of funnel value prop.

    A) I’m absolutely exhausted having to keep up with new tech (which I’m known for) but that’s not to say I have to stay on the bleeding edge

    B) Now all the AI hype is dying down conversions to my newsletter are low.


    1. I need a more evergreen concept that I could write about forever
    2. I need to increase conversions to my newsletter

    99% of my traffic is through LinkedIn.

    The starts are loosely:

    • 2000 profile views a week
    • 25,000 post impressions a week
    • 1 to 2 newsletter subscribers a day

    Target market – Fatigued senior finance pros (often new in role) who are looking to create a big impact in as little time as possible.

    In terms of buyers journey. I want to capture them when they know they’ve got a problem (e.g Lack of structure, too many decisions to make, time wasted on work that doesn’t add value, unable to keep up with market trends).

    Once they’ve opted into the newsletter I can then position either a platform or consulting services as the solution.

    [Note – This is alongside active outreach]

    Currently. The LinkedIn tagline is:

    “Helping finance pros turn systems into superpowers” – which sounds cool, but doesn’t actually say anything.

    The newsletter is called ‘Thank Tech it’s Friday’.

    ~40% open rate
    ~10% CTR

    BUT, looking at the links actually clicked, it tends to be just for the tool recommendations.

    On top of this:

    • It’s immediately out of date once sent
    • I don’t think the quality is near high enough
    • Only a small percentage of my subscribers (5-10%) are what I’d consider to be ICP
    • It’s not being shared (otherwise I’d get more subscribes around the days it’s being sent out)

    Newsletter landing page here – http://www.techforfinance.com Previous newsletters here – newsletter.techforfinance.com


    I’d like to move to an evergreen concept.

    No reason why it can’t still involve tech, but it would provide much higher value, and focus on problems to be solved.

    I’m thinking something like.

    ”High Impact Frameworks”

    Subscribe to the Framework Friday newsletter for ways to create more impact with less effort.

    The the LinkedIn tag line could be something like:

    “Helping finance pros create more impact with less effort”

    Obviously some inspiration taken from you Will.

    As well as my absolute favourite newsletter ‘Systems Sunday’ from Ben Meer.

    Happy to talk about it on our next coaching call.

    Any thoughts?

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    Will Barron
    Jan 17, 2024
    Will Barron Jan 17, 2024

    We chatted about this on the group coaching call. I’ll leave it up in case anyone else has any thoughts.

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