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    tips in door to door selling. Charity
    Vladislav Sakovtsev
    Jul 29, 2023

    Hey! Im working in door to door sales where we selling or asking people to pay a monthy fee to a charity and we get  a commision per person we sign up. But there is a lot to learn and im 20 and new at this. But its kinda hard with all the factors from body language, tonality, pitch and rappor. Mayby anyone of you know something i can practice or learn?

    Will Barron
    Jul 31, 2023
    Will Barron Jul 31, 2023

    Hey Vladislav,

    Salesman.com is focused on B2B (business to business) rather than B2C (business to consumer sales).

    With that said, a lot of our content does translate if you look at it through a lens of B2C.

    The most important thing for door knocking is –

    1. Appreciate that it’s annoying and you’re interrupting people when they’re in their own homes.
    2. Create a hook strong enough to overcome the first point.

    RE body language, tonality etc. Don’t worry about that stuff.

    What you need is a hook that is delivered in such a polite way that the prospect feels real social pressure not to slam the door in your face.

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