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    Starting small
    Andrew Palmer
    Feb 20, 2023

    Hi the firm I’m selling for is a relatively small start up

    Was wondering if anyone else had tips on ways of competing with bigger companies in there industry and the best ways to get noticed and increase the attention to your company? Thanks in advance.

    Jimmy Chrisovergis
    Feb 20, 2023
    Jimmy Chrisovergis Feb 20, 2023

    Hey Andrew!

    Are you getting objections from prospects about the size of the company?

    If you give a specific example it’ll be easier to help.

    John H Holiday
    Mar 1, 2023
    John H Holiday Mar 1, 2023

    We’re a small org (SaaS product) and we use that as an advantage VS the big players in our space.

    If they have a financial question for example, I explain that I’ll met with our CFO and ask directly.

    None of our competitors have access to their executive team like I do and so we can go much higher touch!

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