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    Same, single objection
    Jonathan Wilfrith
    Sep 5, 2023

    Can someone give me some guidance?

    I keep getting the same objection that our product is too expensive.

    I sell SaaS and the tool is the most expensive in our space. But it’s also, clearly the least crappy tool from a sea of really crappy, copycat products.

    Is there a process or framework that I can use to deal with this objection?

    Jake Gardner
    Sep 5, 2023
    Jake Gardner Sep 5, 2023

    Something that I have found is weave it into conversation before they can. Something along the lines of

    have you looked into any other solutions?

    great. Typically we are more expensive, then explain the value

    Sean Rapson
    Oct 5, 2023
    Sean Rapson Oct 5, 2023

    I have also had success with this upfront. “I will tell you, we are not the cheapest option, so if price is your only concern we may not be the right fit for you. However, typically our customers choose us because of our(insert 2-3 benefits). Hope it helps!

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