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    Sales Cadence Emails
    Vin Bali
    Jan 15, 2024

    Email Cadence:
    Email 1: Get You There
    Hi Name,
    We know most bookers have a limited time to get transportation booked. Who has time to wait for your service provider to get back to you? See how we have helped Scorpion, Wolverine, and other Fortune 500 companies book rides and remove stress. Want to learn more about how we make booking rides simple?

    Email 2: Got Enough Time?
    Hi Name,
    We are so grateful to our wonderful customers who can’t help stop raving about how much STRESS we have taken off them with our robust communication, attention to detail, and a genuine care for them and their event. They have more time to work on other tasks and not have to babysit their transportation provider anymore. Would like me to show you how we solved this issue?

    Email 3: Didn’t manage to connect
    Name – Tried giving you a call but we weren’t able to connect. Think there is an opportunity here to make your next event stress free and get you more minutes back in the day.
    Wanna hop on a quick call?

    Email 4: Bookers Dream
    Hi Name,

    I am often told of horror stories when other clients of ours have booked with a different provider. I am always told that we give them more time to focus on the rest of the event and they can relax and look good in front of their peers.

    *Instant text, call or email communication responsiveness
    * Knowing that you will have a live person to help you anytime you call
    * Having your driver info, vehicle info ahead of time and being able to track this vehicle
    * Being made aware of any changes ahead of time so you aren’t blindsided
    * Easy to view trips and routing info

    I can guarantee that experience or your money back, would it be worth a quick call?

    Email 5: Travel is stressful
    Hi Name,
    Travel is more stressful now then ever before.
    A bookers top priority is a successful and stress free event.
    Will my ride show is the last of it? And that’s what we must avoid!
    But the reality is transportation falls thru the cracks and is left as the last thing on the agenda.
    We have a proven, step by step framework that helps bookers get a peace of mind and allow their travelers to get from point a to point b effectively.
    Would it make sense to jump on a quick call and I can run you through it?

    Email 6: Call
    Tried giving you a quick call. I’ll follow up again tomorrow.

    Email 7: Travel is changing
    Name-Travel is changing rapidly.
    I reached out to share some insights on what’s going on but didn’t manage to connect with you.
    Have I got the wrong end of the stick?


    Will Barron
    Jan 22, 2024
    Will Barron Jan 22, 2024

    Here’s some notes –


    Also, are you certain that “stress free” and “save time” is what your buyers care about? All of the content is based around this specific point.

    Can we go a few layers deeper than that?

    Vin Bali
    Jan 22, 2024
    Vin Bali Jan 22, 2024

    Will I don’t know, how would you dig deeper?  I assume that ‘s all that they care about, I am stuck here.

    Will Barron
    Jan 26, 2024
    Will Barron Jan 26, 2024

    Will I don’t know, how would you dig deeper? I assume that ‘s all that they care about, I am stuck here.

    Covered this on our one-on-one this week.

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