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    Jono Earles
    Nov 30, 2023

    Hi – keen to get your thoughts on a couple of my proposals for a website/SEO  for small businesses. I send them after the 1st meeting and then aim to close in the 2nd meeting.

    I’ve been using 2 options – Qwilr (link below) or email (copied below).

    I feel like the Qwilr is way too long . The email is better but could be made more on point.

    Here’s the proposal – https://proposal.webgenius.co.nz/-Google-Dominator-Leaktec-Ramv5j04T0Oe

    Thanks in advance



    Hi Ryan

    Great to meet you the other day. An enjoyable and productive discussion.
    Below are some top-line thoughts based on our chat.
    Look forward to discussing the detail with you when we meet on Tuesday.
    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions in the meantime.
    Have a great weekend.
    The Task
    The key areas of focus:
    • Help fill the revenue gap due to the loss of a key client.
    • Help build a sustainable pipeline of leads
    • Help get more leads in the solar space
    The opportunity
    There are decent search volumes in the Bay of Plenty on Google for your services. Roughly 3.5 – 4k a month. Of these about 20% are focussed on solar. Each search could be a potential customer. That’s a decent prize worth chasing.
    The challenge
    We gave your site an audit. It scored 64/100 (report attached) . So a lot to like. But equally, lots of opportunities if we fix the gaps. From a visual perspective, it feels credible enough. The big challenge is that it’s just not ranking in the top 3 of Google for key search terms or keywords. This is where the vast majority of people click. Get in the top 3 and your phone will ring more so you can plug that revenue gap.
    Attached is a report the highlights where you are ranking in the top 3 = blue. Green is areas where you’re not ranking in the top 3 = opportunity.
    The solutions
    Two potential solutions:
    1. Fix current site – get it to rank at the top of google
    2. Build a new site that ranks at the top of google
    Option 1 – Fix current site – get it to rank at the top of google
    In short, this is about search engine optimisation (SEO) we need to do the following:
    • Backend work – make sure all the search terms and keywords are in all the right places
    • Content – google loves content, so we need to add some more ie ‘how to choose a solar company that’s right for your business’
    • Dial up the trust – link more trusted sites to your site. This means google will push your site to the top of the rankings
    • Increase google reviews – great to help people choose you over competitors and helps with rankings
    It’s a long-term play with lasting results. You can expect to see results after 3 – 6 months. That’s why we ask for a 12-month commitment.
    Investment expectations – $914/month for 12 months. Backed by a guarantee.
    Appreciate it’s a decent chunk of change. The best way to think about it is how many new clients would you have to bring on for it to pay for itself.
    Option 2 – Build a new site that ranks at the top of google
    Your business is perfect for a product we have called the Google Dominator, benefits include:
    • Lead generator website – an expertly crafted and designed seven-page website combined with persuasive content.
    • Easy for potential clients to find (SEO) – our websites have built-in SEO which means they stand the best chance to rank as high up page one as possible. There are around 6k searches per month in the BOP for outdoor advertising. It’s critical that a new business can take advantage of these high search volumes.
    • Ongoing support – much more than just hosting and security. It includes features such as regular emails to your customers to drive repeat business. Plus a free site refresh every three years. Which means we won’t be having this discussion again. Plus more, all are highlighted below.
    Example websites:
    • Website design, development, build + SEO = $6,995 (reduced from $7,995) in recognition of your revenue loss | Payment can be spread across 4 months
    • Ongoing monthly support (as above) = $179/month
    Appreciate it’s a decent chunk of change. The best way to think about it is how many new clients would you have to bring on for it to pay for itself.
    My advice
    I think you’ll get the most ‘bang for buck’ and leads from a new website. If you’re serious about solar I’d consider making it just about solar.
    We’ve been here before
    We’ve been in the game for 20 years. We’ve got 1500 clients in NZ. 85 in the BOP. We’re purpose-built to help businesses like yours. We’ve got some great results for other electricians ie 468 leads across 12 months @$4.08 per lead.
    Next steps
    • Appreciate there’s a decent amount of info there – I can take you through all the details and answer any questions you might have on Tuesday
    • If you decide to go ahead, we do all the heavy lifting. Just need some of your time at the start and to give some feedback to make sure you’re happy with everything
    • As a value add, I’m also happy to discuss and help with wider marketing initiatives to get the leads rolling in. Lets discuss what that could look like.
    Will Barron
    Dec 4, 2023
    Will Barron Dec 4, 2023

    Lets discuss this on our one-on-one. It’s probably too much “stuff”.

    You’d be better off booking a call and then doing a screen share actually running through this rather than sending it over ahead of time.

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