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    remove me from your mailing list objection
    David Farquharson
    Apr 4, 2024

    Hi Will,

    I’ve had 2 of the “remove me from your mailing list” type objections recently. One of which was a bit surprising in the sense it was the perfect ICP and a message that’s landed well with others.

    I never quite know how to handle this over email apart from a “we help X to do Y by Z, did I get the wrong end of the stick here”

    Any thoughts?

    Will Barron
    Apr 5, 2024
    Will Barron Apr 5, 2024

    This is usually feedback that they thought your message was a marketing email rather than a sales email.

    i.e. not created specifically for them.

    If it’s an important account then for sure drop them another message to follow up. If it’s one in a sea of many then take it as a “not right now” response just worded lazily.

    I think your follow up is good. I’d probably say –

    Hi NAME,

    Sorry my mistake. I’m after the person who manages X.

    Is that someone else in your team?


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