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    Relationship with marketing
    Marco Stefani
    Jan 17, 2024

    Ciao 🙂

    I was curious to ask the community if anyone has ever worked for a B2B company with an effective marketing-sales collaboration to generate leads and schedule field sales appointments. If so, what did your process look like?

    Will Barron
    Jan 17, 2024
    Will Barron Jan 17, 2024

    Good luck getting a positive response to that on here Marco :).

    Marco Stefani
    Jan 17, 2024
    Marco Stefani Jan 17, 2024

    😂 now that I’ve switched to the evil side will do my best to create a first!

    Jono Earles
    Jan 21, 2024
    Jono Earles Jan 21, 2024

    Hey Marco – I have some success stories – leads were generated through a mix of inbound and outbound, once the appointment was booked it was handed over to the sales people. It wasn’t all plain sailing but overall it was a success. Happy to share more info with you if that’s useful.

    Marco Stefani
    Jan 22, 2024
    Marco Stefani Jan 22, 2024

    Hi Jono, Yes, I’d love to hear them. Will reach out to you on LinkedIn. Thanks again!

    Eric Foster
    Feb 17, 2024
    Eric Foster Feb 17, 2024

    The best response I ever got from marketing was “we generally don’t support small markets like Arkansas”.

    At first I was pissed, but knowing it was all on me was liberating.  Once I was able to put together a big training event for customers that got significant traction, the marketing department offered to “help” me.  I thanked them but declined…..and then sent them the email where they told me Arkansas wasn’t a supported market.

    It was delicious….

    Marco Stefani
    Feb 21, 2024
    Marco Stefani Feb 21, 2024

    Hi Eric, Thanks for your comment. I can only imagine how satisfying that response must have been 🙂 I don’t know the wide context which cause marketing to not help from the get-go, however, I’ll certainly keep in mind that in any case, clarity is key.

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