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    Recording Zoom calls
    Stuart Hay
    Mar 6, 2023

    What is the best way to record Zoom calls?

    I WFH and so I do most of my calls and meetings via Zoom.

    I want to record the calls so I can share them here for feedback but ideally I don’t want to be asking permission or informing my prospects that they’re being recorded.

    I know this is a grey area legally where I live as both sided consent is needed. But I think that a prospect knowing that they’re being recorded is going to be much less open on a call.

    Stuart Summers
    Mar 7, 2023
    Stuart Summers Mar 7, 2023

    Legalities aside it’s not possible to not know you’re being recorded on a Zoom call. Zoom makes it very clear at the beginning & throughout.

    Just tell them at the outset of the call that you’re recording so you can be kept accountable for what’s discussed from your end, if ever you or they need to refer back to it.

    Will Barron
    Mar 8, 2023
    Will Barron Mar 8, 2023

    There are a bunch of ways to do this with software that are sneaky but allow you to record without “zoom” knowing that you’re recording.

    The easiest solution though is to have the person on the other end of the call come out of your computer speakers, and use your phone to record the room that you’re in. You’ll get their voice from the speakers and your voice speaking in the room too.

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