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    Prospecting tools – can anyone help?
    Laura Madewell
    Feb 7, 2024

    Hi team,

    I’m currently suffering through a free version of rocket reach, and hoping to find something which will help me pull contact numbers to assist with my job search cadence.

    Any chance a community member can assist with a free trial or similar?

    Thanks in advance! Laura

    Jacky Broadbent
    Feb 9, 2024
    Jacky Broadbent Feb 9, 2024

    I don’t have a free trial to offer but I’m happy to help a Sister out :).

    Throw a few LinkedIn profiles in here and I’ll get you their contact information.

    Laura Madewell
    Feb 13, 2024
    Laura Madewell Feb 13, 2024

    Hi Jacky,

    Super kind of you! Would it be ok to send you these via email? It’s a few people from various companies….

    Thanks! 🙂

    Eric Foster
    Feb 17, 2024
    Eric Foster Feb 17, 2024

    Hi Laura….I don’t mind posting your job search on my LinkedIn profile.

    Eric Foster

    Carlisle, Arkansas



    Laura Madewell
    Feb 19, 2024
    Laura Madewell Feb 19, 2024

    Hi Eric,

    How incredibly kind of you – thank you! I’ve popped you a LinkedIn request – let’s connect on there 🙂

    Thanks, Laura

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