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    Price Shopper Not Ready For Zoom Call?
    Frederik Bonde
    Jun 24, 2022


    A prospect responded to my email where he told me that he and his company had considered doing something about their current solution, so it would be great if I could send over some prices to see if it matches their budget. See the correspondence below.

    “Hi Adam,

    Sounds great.

    These things are easier when discussed over a 10-minute call.
    Does it make sense to talk about your plans this week?

    Here’s a link to my calendar.

    “Hi Frederik,
    No plans as yet so nothing to discuss at this stage, I’ll be in touch as and when things progress.”

    Should he be considered unqualified or how would you guys respond to this email?


    Michael Stone
    Jun 28, 2022
    Michael Stone Jun 28, 2022

    He is unqualified. You shouldn’t give up on him and should email every 4 weeks to “see if things have changed”.

    I personally wouldn’t waste any more time on him though.

    Frederik Bonde
    Jun 28, 2022
    Frederik Bonde Jun 28, 2022

    Thanks Michael, duly noted.

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