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    Planning out your cadences
    Abhijeet Sarkar
    Mar 10, 2023

    So I’m trying to set up my first cadence, which will be a combination of:

    1) LinkedIn connection request
    2) 3 emails with blog content
    3) A followup phone call + email

    Since different ppl might be enrolled at different times in the cadence, I’m finding it hard to keep this organized and to know who receives which touch and when. This is probably my biggest challenge – just staying organized with the million touches that need to happen.

    I’m happy to do this manually until I see results and can look at automation. How are you guys keeping yourselves organized? Do you use a CRM to build a sequence of tasks and then just enrol prospects into those tasks? If so what CRM do you use? Are there any other tips / tricks to staying organized?

    I find myself getting stuck at this initial step and finding it difficult to know what I should be doing or working on next. I end up sending a flurry of connections, then some calls, then some cold emails, then do some list building. It’s honest all over the place.

    Abhijeet Sarkar
    Mar 10, 2023
    Abhijeet Sarkar Mar 10, 2023

    I think I’ve figured this one out. Going to use HubSpot’s Sequences feature.

    Will Barron
    Mar 10, 2023
    Will Barron Mar 10, 2023

    The easiest way to do it at first is with a spreadsheet. We want to make sure the cadence works (books meetings) before we try and scale it and so a spreadsheet can handle V1.

    A CRM is generally a useful tool to have though and HubSpot have a free version that is a good fit for most people. HubSpot are a sponsor of our content but I do recommend them.

    Abhijeet Sarkar
    Mar 13, 2023
    Abhijeet Sarkar Mar 13, 2023

    They also have a 90% off in first year for Startups program, which I’ve taken advantage of:


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