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    One Page Plan
    Brian Nord
    Feb 7, 2024

    Here is the link to my one-page plan.


    I need some help with some terminology; since we don’t call people prospects in this company nor my last.

    Also, I am confused, should I just work the TEST ICP first, then play the 25 game. Maybe the terminology will help. I am eager to start prospecting and all this pre-work has really helped me with what felt like 1,000 questions. Thanks.

    Will Barron
    Feb 9, 2024
    Will Barron Feb 9, 2024

    Also, I am confused, should I just work the TEST ICP first

    Yes. Then you can come back and refine your one page plan with real data.

    then play the 25 game

    Challenge 25 is tough. Long term we want build a sustainable system.

    If you don’t have to go down the route of hammering out cadences then you should avoid it.

    Maybe the terminology will help

    What is the specific terminology that you want me to clarify?

    Prospect – Someone who is in your ICP and you have contact details for.

    I am eager to start prospecting and all this pre-work has really helped me with what felt like 1,000 questions. Thanks.

    Good :). Lets get going.


    Brian Nord
    Feb 9, 2024
    Brian Nord Feb 9, 2024

    Regarding terminology- we don’t have any in my new company, and so I just want your feedback.

    Context for my question: For 20 years I worked like this (drilled in me) selling courses B2C.

    Contact (1st time speaking to someone)
    After speaking to them the were 1 of 4 categories.
    1 Signed-Up
    2 Lead: Someone who is 75% chance of signing up, working out logistics (not money)
    3 Follow-Up: someone considering, looking, not a yes, not a no or Money is their issue.
    4 No: They are thanked for their time and appreciated for considering. Maybe a postcard/email sent as a thank you.

    Contacts came from referrals:
    Built a lot of relationships with people who referred.

    I always knew my ratio which was for every 5 contacts 1 person would sign up. It would go up and down and then I would adjust. Up meant I needed to role-play or maybe I wasn’t fully listening. Ratio went Down wasn’t always good because it could mean I got a windfall from a corporate client or something but not necessarily sustainable.

    My game was always: do the right # of contacts; get the right #of leads – if I did that I would hit my weekly and quarterly targets. I was a mother%41er that me and my team would do this.  managed a lead log which I was vigilant about and new all the next actions etc.

    Typically my leads would convert about 75% of the time .
    Questions the B2B sales system;

    When you say “Add to cadence” – that is a prospect that fits your ICP. When you say add, does that mean you sent the first email or contact etc?

    What is a sales qualified lead, marketing qualified lead, etc, or just a straight-up lead? Is this just any name you are given? I don’t think lead means as much in this world as it did in my old one.

    Is a pipeline filled with qualified people, is it people you spoke with that could get triggered?

    In my role – I will get job orders- they sign our contact, then the recruiters will fill the role- what do I call these- “deals”?

    When someone sets a diagnosis meeting and they are still working some things out- what do you call that?

    Are there any other terms so I am clear what how to know the flow or the gestation from initially reaching-out all the way to when the person gets hired and we get paid?

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