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    One of my demo recordings
    Stuart Summers
    Jul 7, 2023

    Hey Will,

    as mentioned, I recorded one of my demos today. A few tech issues along the way but a good watch of what I take everyone through as it covers a fair bit of what we do and provide. This was actually someone I picked up via cold prospecting.

    Passcode: !=x#Hn4?


    Stuart Summers
    Jul 12, 2023
    Stuart Summers Jul 12, 2023
    Will Barron
    Jul 14, 2023
    Will Barron Jul 14, 2023

    Hey Stuart. Got back from holiday today and so I’ll run through this tomorrow for you.

    Will Barron
    Jul 15, 2023
    Will Barron Jul 15, 2023

    Hi Stuart, I tried to check out the videos today but I couldn’t access them.

    The first link gives an error saying the video is no longer there. The second says I don’t have access and there’s nowhere to put the passcode you shared.

    What people have done in the past is download the videos, upload to Google Drive and then share a link to that.

    Stuart Summers
    Jul 16, 2023
    Stuart Summers Jul 16, 2023

    Hey Will, I checked with Zoom.

    Looks like there’s an admin setting preventing us sharing outside of Trustpilot (Inc. downloading).

    I’ve emailed support as needless to say that’s a bit dumb. Especially as the prospect in my first recording asked me to record anyway to share with an absent colleague who couldn’t attend.

    I’ll let you know when I have a response.

    Stuart Summers
    Jul 17, 2023
    Stuart Summers Jul 17, 2023

    Try this Will; https://share.vidyard.com/watch/eiQNzAXaYkAGwDBfGGS6ro?

    I recorded my recording lol

    Will Barron
    Jul 17, 2023
    Will Barron Jul 17, 2023

    Try this Will; https://share.vidyard.com/watch/eiQNzAXaYkAGwDBfGGS6ro? I recorded my recording lol

    Awesome. I’ll run through it tomorrow morning and give you some feedback.

    Will Barron
    Jul 18, 2023
    Will Barron Jul 18, 2023

    Here’s some feedback. Starting with some big picture –

    • Learn what the prospects pains are and then resolve them in the demo. Don’t demo everything.
    • More micro-closing throughout the call.
    • Double down on their current reality, their future reality (you didn’t pain a strong picture of how things could be) and then how to get them from one side to the other.
    • Use the feature > benefit > desire > confirm loop –


    Time stamped feedback –

    • 0:00 – No hoodies. At a minimum polo shirt. Better a checked shirt if business casual otherwise a blue shirt.
    • 0:39 – When was it acquired? You should know that. Doesn’t add value to conversation.
    • 1:43 – Don’t ask what the business does. You should know this before the call.
    • 5:48 – I know you’re waiting for someone else to join and they’re struggling to get in, but this is a long time without any insights or value being added to the conversion.
    • 5:59 – Current set up (current reality) – I’d have asked this much sooner.
    • 6:34 – “but you don’t display that” – Good work. They’re not getting the most out of their current way of doing things.
    • 7:39 – “I couldn’t find anything” – Good, build that pain.
    • 8:39 – I’d be asking “that seems like a lot of leg work to get those reviews”
    • 8:47 – Smile :). I have to force myself to do this but it makes a big difference to the “vibe” of the conversation
    • 9:07 – Either google Hotjar or don’t bring it up as it’s not relevant. The call should be the straightest path to a close possible –

    • 10:05 – Don’t worry about integrations until you’ve established the real desire of the buyer.
    • 10:23 – Don’t touch your face. Self soothing – Makes you look unsure.
    • 11:24 – “It is an initiative that we want to implement” – Ask WHY? Dig into feedback like this.
    • 11:51 – Good emotional intelligence that you’ve worn him down.
    • 12:21 – Urgh… I hate the slides, in order, talking about the business. Fuck that. Talk about the problem the buyer has and how you can solve it.
      • They wouldn’t have booked a call if they didn’t know the company etc.
    • 13:34 – Sharing too much about big businesses, small businesses. They don’t care. Tell them how you can help them specifically.
    • 13:58 – Rather than running through your customers, have this as the first slide and leave it up as you talk about other things.
    • 14:15 – Don’t share YOUR key pillars. Explain the pillar that is most specific to THEM.
    • 15:08 – I’d start with their profile on screen.
    • 15:52 – I’d ask – “OK great, so you agree that solving the negative reviews here are important?”
    • 19:00 – Micro-close. “Do you agree with that theory?”
    • 19:21 – Get a number on ad spend. You can talk about ROI in real terms.
    • 20:35 – Again, micro-close “would a 10% decrease in ad spend be useful?”
    • 22:33 – Ask, “Is that something you think there should be value to fix?”
    • 23:40 – Good work with the customer stories
    • 24:53 – I’m really not sure if you should be talking about integrations before your prospect agrees that it makes sense at a high level to work with you. It’s slightly overwhelming watching it back.
    • 28:55 – Good question. Should have been asked way earlier.
    • 31:44 – I think the integration questions are too much, too early. Unless I’ve missed out on a previous call where the prospect said that they’re keen to move forward fast.
    • 35:35 – Not sure if they asked to learn about the AI feature? He just mentioned that he believed that conversion rates go up with reviews and so I’d have really doubled down on that.
      • “Have you measured that behavior?”
      • “What would it mean financially if we could improve conversion rates?”
      • etc
    • 37:12 – He gives you feedback that he didn’t care about the AI feature. Before you pitch something in a demo, ask if they’d be receptive to it – “If we could do X, would that be useful to run through?”
    • 37:10 – You asked the question “anything you’d like to know”. Ask this much earlier and build the demo around that.
    • 39:07 – Don’t talk about “feeling comfortable”. Be straight and say it doesn’t have the verified badge.
    • 40:04 – “asset that pays for itself” – Nice.
    • 45:5- “quite a bit of work to do” say – “Yes to do this yourself, this is a big project. With out tools however…”
    • 46:43 – Good customer story from your colleague
    • 49:07 – Start with these metrics at the top of the call and everything else then has context
    • 50:09 – Any customer story/data point you could have added here when the prospect talks about the importance of these pages?
    • 50:31 – “Does it make sense to…” music to my ears :).
    • 51:18 – Good work asking the budget question. I would transition into it a little more smoothly – “If we could do X and I could show you that it can be done in a short timeframe, with little hassle from your end, would there be the budget to put this into action?”
    • 53:26 – You did kinda ignore Preet. Not sure on her role but probably best to ask if she’s on board too.
    • 54:13 – I would ask the question – “so if you guys are going to have a chat about this during the week, are there any questions that are likely to come up, that I can answer now for you?”
    • Finally, if they say next week and you’re meeting on a Friday, ask for the meeting on Tuesday rather than the following Friday. Do this 3-4 times during the sales cycle and you’ll reduce it’s length dramatically.
    Stuart Summers
    Jul 19, 2023
    Stuart Summers Jul 19, 2023

    Thanks Will, I just re-watched it with your notes. Was a great help. Will chat more in the coaching call.

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