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    Niching down in sales and business
    Eli A
    Jun 3, 2021

    Hi Will,

    Hope all is well my brotha! Btw, I should of known you were a triangle guy in BJJ, you have the perfect body type for it lol.

    But yea, I heard you mention in one of your videos that you would have been more successful in your business if you had micro niched in a specific narrow field of medical sales with a smaller audience instead of B2B sales training with a larger audience from what I understand, although it has worked out great for you anyway.

    I currently work with medical devices as well, and plan to do medical sales training as a business in the future. Would you recommend for me to niche down even more in a specific niche within medical sales like devices, surgical tools ect? or just keep it open as medical sales training in general?

    Should I even do medical sales training at all? Is it a good niche for the future even? Thank you in advance, you are a legend mate!



    Will Barron
    Jun 4, 2021
    Will Barron Jun 4, 2021

    Drop me a message when you’re seriously wanting to start up and I’ll give you some more focused advice.

    But it’s always better to start super niche and then work your way outwards.

    Grab a copy of this – https://www.amazon.co.uk/22-Immutable-Laws-Marketing/dp/1861976100/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=laws+of+marketing&qid=1622802170&sr=8-1

    Make note of how it talks about creating niche markets rather than trying to break into established ones.

    Medical sales training is a strong niche as you can’t automate sellers being hands on in the clinical environment with a “4-part video guide”.

    I’d see if you can start sales training internally in your own organization.

    Being able to say “I was the head sales trainer at XYZ” and prospecting their competitors is a good starting point to make the leap into sole trader.

    Eli A
    Jun 8, 2021
    Eli A Jun 8, 2021

    Incredibly insightful as always. Thank you so much Mate, appreciate you Will.

    Stuart Hay
    Aug 10, 2021
    Stuart Hay Aug 10, 2021

    I just finished the 22 marketing laws book and WOW! It’s really helped me focus my selling messaging!

    Angela Biddinger
    Aug 11, 2021
    Angela Biddinger Aug 11, 2021

    I just finished the 22 marketing laws book and WOW! It’s really helped me focus my selling messaging!

    Are there any other non-selling books you guys all recommend?! It would be good to get a reading list.

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