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    New week, new imporvements. What did you learn last week?
    Aleeza Spencer
    Jun 19, 2023

    One thing I learned last week was to ask difficult questions even when they make me feel uncomfortable.

    I tried this a couple of times and the prospect really didn’t care. I thought they were tough and they didn’t even notice lol.

    Will Barron
    Jun 28, 2023
    Will Barron Jun 28, 2023

    Good question but you didn’t get much traction on this one Aleeza.

    I’ll jump in –

    Last week I learned (or re-learned) that I work better on projects that have an end date (prospect X accounts) rather than opened ended tasks (prospect X companies a week, forever).

    I’m now reframing my goals for the year as time defined goals rather than continuous daily activity.

    Ruben Preston
    Jul 7, 2023
    Ruben Preston Jul 7, 2023

    I started saying “no” more. A good percentage of my day is spent doing stuff that I’ve been too soft to tell other people that I’m no longer doing it anymore. This is both in and out of work.

    Philip Ayazi
    Jul 7, 2023
    Philip Ayazi Jul 7, 2023

    I’m new to sales. Only been doing it for 4 months. I’ve learned to remain confident even when I’m struggling and not over think things can go along way

    Aleeza Spencer
    Jul 16, 2023
    Aleeza Spencer Jul 16, 2023

    This week I really doubled down on my value proposition. As I shared it with prospects I took the time to gauge their reaction to see if it was having an impact.

    I noticed that when I included the “how” of our product, they turned off mentally. When I focused on the “why” they seemed to ask more follow up questions.

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