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    Meeting prep
    Avtar Cheema
    Mar 31, 2023

    Hi Will,

    I have a SEO prospect, he has accepted my meeting invite for Monday 2.30pm. I need to prep for the call.. how do we go about this please?

    I could do what I usually do, or take on board your recommendations and ensure we hook the guy in so that he thinks I’m the best thing since sliced bread.

    Any questions and recommendations?

    ** Background **
    The Prospect told me, he has an issue upgrading the firmware on the only firewall device within their whole business. He and the manufacturer of the firewall have tried and failed, in total the upgrade should only take 30-40mins max. He wants our company to complete the upgrade for him.

    I have discussed with one of our lead engineers and have a looking to propose 3 options:

    a) we can also try completing the firmware upgrade, but there is a possibility that this could fail again
    b) replace your current firewall before it fails and disrupts business ops – we can provision, install, configure & integrate the new firewall for you.
    c) replace your current firewall with two firewalls (primary and back-up for resiliency)- we can provision, install, configure & integrate the new firewalls.

    I DON’T want this guy to walk away from the call on Monday thinking we are not able to offer him:
    a) piece of mind
    b) business continuity
    c) network security

    Can you help me prep Will?


    Will Barron
    Mar 31, 2023
    Will Barron Mar 31, 2023

    Have you been through the Diagnosis call workshop?

    If it’s the first call with a prospect then that’s the process to run through.

    If you want a quicker summary it’s page 192 onward in the book.

    The structure of the call goes like this –

    Avtar Cheema
    Mar 31, 2023
    Avtar Cheema Mar 31, 2023

    thanks Will. I will work on it over the weekend

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