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    LinkedIn response
    Klaus Jørgensen
    May 10, 2024

    Hi there.

    Some numbers:

    First 2 weeks on salesman.com I reached out to 14 new leads a day on LinkedIn (monday to friday).

    Week one – 52% accepted connection (reached out to 14 a day – monday to friday) = 36 new
    Week two – 77% accepted connection (reached out to 14 a day – monday to friday) = 54 new
    Week three – 59% (reached out to 25 a day – monday to friday) = 73 new

    So far my approach to reach out on LinkedIn as the first step in my Cadence is working out great.

    According to my One page plan I should have spoken to 61 prospects, booked 4 diagnosis call, given 2 demos and send one proposal.

    I have given 1 diagnosis call, send 1 proposal.

    If I can convert more of the 61 prospects with the new LinkedIn framework you have given us, I will crush it. Am I being impatient or…

    Will Barron
    May 10, 2024
    Will Barron May 10, 2024

    Remember that your one page plan was a hypothesis of the results that you thought you might get.

    As we’re working backwards from a defined goal, you can either increase the volume or attempt to improve the conversion rates within the process.

    Klaus Jørgensen
    May 10, 2024
    Klaus Jørgensen May 10, 2024

    My income goal is based on 14 leads a day. But I am behind…a lot. Thats why I have increased the number of people that goes into the cadence. You Social Lead generation – New LinkedIn system have already changed my perspective on how to do it. Still tweaking it.

    1. Connection without message

    2. Intro-message to cold leads:

    Hello John, good to connect here. It seems that your organization is growing quite a bit. That must place significant demands on the organization. Would you mind if I ask about your organization and recruiting process on management level?

    Do you think that is to agressive – Should I split it in two? 

    3. Nudge: A good network is a valuable avenue for generating new candidates. Beyond your network, do you utilize any additional strategies for finding candidates?

    4. CTA: Yeah, I hear that often. I just helped [Company] find a [Position]. They expressed that it took a load off their shouldersIt’s completely fine if it’s not possible, but would it make sense to have a quick chat over the phone and take a look at your process?

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