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    LinkedIn cover graphic?
    Hadeel Dabbagh
    Apr 10, 2023

    Hi Will,

    I saw in the training that your team can offer some guidance/help with this?

    My LinkedIn profile is getting more views and requests for connection as I’m following your recommendations and increasing my engagement, so would like to add a cover graphic. What’s your team’s guidance on designing a simple cover?

    Much aligned with selling made simple value prop, our product/differentiation is all about making construction estimating simple.



    Will Barron
    Apr 10, 2023
    Will Barron Apr 10, 2023

    Our team will sort it for you.

    Let me know the following and Jorge will put it together for you –

    • Value prop
    • Brand colours
    • Logos?
    • Promotional link?
    Hadeel Dabbagh
    Apr 10, 2023
    Hadeel Dabbagh Apr 10, 2023

    Thanks Will! I sent the info and brand files by email.

    Will Barron
    Apr 19, 2023
    Will Barron Apr 19, 2023

    Here’s the images (right click > save as) –

    Hadeel Dabbagh
    Apr 20, 2023
    Hadeel Dabbagh Apr 20, 2023

    Thank you, they look great! Much appreciated!

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