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    Lesson 2 ICP
    Vin Bali
    Jan 13, 2024

    MY ICP

    Job Title

    Corporate Events Coordinator

    Transportation Coordinator

    Executive Assistant & Events Manager



    Production / Entertainment / Athletes

    Manufacturing / Travel


    Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, & those that travel to SoCal

    Company Size:

    Sports Agents, Business Managers, and high end travel managers


    Current Goals:

    Get their guest transported from point a to point b for either a sales meeting, team building event, board meeting, or a production show

    Main Pain Point:


    Manifest updates


    Clean Vehicles

    Safe drivers

    Current Solution:

    We have cutting edge software that allows them to view manifests, make changes, get instant back end communication, and driver communication, with the cleanest drivers and vehicles.

    Buying Process:

    They get a quote and call other companies and go with the cheapest one


    Booking Software

    GPS Traxking



    Brianna is someone who is an Events Manager looking for reliable transportation that has easy to use technology and efficient communication to get her executives from point a to point b.  She wants someone safe, reliable, and dependable that makes doing business super easy and frictionless.


    Are there any minor ICPs involved in a typical sale?

    The Events Manager sometimes have to get approval from a Sr. Events Manager. It varies with the company they are doing business with.


    1. I estimate I can write white papers educating clients and do a few videos, and share the current video content we have as a hyperlink on my signature, make that video accessible.
    2. I estimate getting them to experience our service and sharing reviews and testimonials.
    3. Definitely need to uncover trigger events and give a free ride so they can experience the difference. My business is based on experience.




    Will Barron
    Jan 17, 2024
    Will Barron Jan 17, 2024

    ICP – Looking good. Are there any other variables that you can add to make your ICP more specific?

    Major/Minor ICPs – If someone has to get approval then they’re the Minor ICP. The Major ICP is the individual who can sign the deal immediately.

    In your case, you’re probably going to spend most of your time prospecting the Minor ICP because it’s a somewhat commoditized service.

    If there is a way to start communicating with the Major ICP though, that’s when you’re going to get bigger deals, closed faster, with less of an emphasis on price.

    Here’s some more info on the Major/Minor ICP split –

    Vin Bali
    Jan 17, 2024
    Vin Bali Jan 17, 2024

    Thank you for this!  Would you be able to recommend what you would do to make your Major and Minor ICP more specific?  I think I am missing that here.

    Will Barron
    Jan 22, 2024
    Will Barron Jan 22, 2024

    Thank you for this! Would you be able to recommend what you would do to make your Major and Minor ICP more specific? I think I am missing that here.

    Think of the pain they’re in to increase the specificity –

    • Major ICP – I’m sick of being late to meetings. I’m sick of my colleagues being late to meetings and complaining.
    • Minor ICP – I’m sick of looking stupid to my boss (probably Major ICP) when my travel plans fall apart.

    Don’t get too wrapped up in that though. It’s easier to at the following variables to make the ICP more accurate. These should be reverse engineered from the customers you have that you want to find more of –

    • Company size – Rather than 10-10k, what is the range of your best customers. Eg 500-1000.
    • Location – Rather than any company that travels to so-cal, where do your best customers travel from?
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