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    Is commission still owed if I hand in my notice?
    Lauren Bailey
    Jan 25, 2022

    I’m on the verge of closing a big one. However I’ve had a job offer from a competing company (different geographical location).

    Currently my commission is based on invoices paid and if this deal closes this week they’ll have NET 14 and will paid before I work my notice.

    I have a signed commission document so this isn’t up in the air.

    But nothing in the document refers to working out a notice and commissions during that period.

    What are the chances of me getting the commission?

    David Kavanagh
    Jan 25, 2022
    David Kavanagh Jan 25, 2022

    Have a very close look at your contract. All schemes I’ve worked under state that commission is paid at the discretion of the management.

    If they don’t have to pay you, they won’t and why should they – especially if you’re going to a competitor (irrespective of where they’re based).

    Will Barron
    Jan 26, 2022
    Will Barron Jan 26, 2022

    My experience is similar to Davids above.

    Look through the fine print.

    Roughly how big is the deal? If you’re talking high 5 figures it might be worth mentioning to your new employer and seeing if they can put off your start date for a month.

    Adam Shilton
    Feb 7, 2022
    Adam Shilton Feb 7, 2022

    Good point from Will, although I had pressure from my new employer to start ASAP so delay my start date wasn’t practical, plus I had a 90 day notice period…

    I was in a similar position in my previous job. Although, they actually paid me more commission during my notice period in an effort to get me to stay. I suppose it depends on your employer and whether you’re parting on good terms or not?

    Different story with someone else I know who had to seek legal advice on getting commission paid after notice was given.

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