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    I’m hitting quota. The rest of the team isn’t.
    Angela Biddinger
    Feb 7, 2023

    Will, do you know what percentage of an average sales team should hit quota?

    I’m hitting mine. I’ve your recommended 6x pipeline coverage. But I’m a little nervous that I’m in a bubble of success that can pop at any moment.

    The rest of my team are really struggling and nobody really seems to know why.

    Will Barron
    Feb 7, 2023
    Will Barron Feb 7, 2023

    Hey Angela. Honestly the answer is “it depends”.

    If at least 60% of your team are hitting quota though that is worrying from a management perspective.

    You work very hard, you’re smart and you’ve build a process to get meetings booked.

    You’ve got nothing to worry about from your own performance.

    But it’s not a good look for the company/team longer term.

    When does your sales year end?

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