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    Ideal reply to interest
    Stuart Summers
    Jul 6, 2023

    Hey Will

    just had one of those positive responses to my outreach. Be great to get your feedback on how to respond to getting the call.

    Hi Stuart
    Thanks for your email. We are trying to cut down on expenses at the moment (probably like most businesses in the current climate) however I would certainly be open to looking at it in any case. Do you have some information you can send through please?
    Many thanks
    On Thu, 6 Jul 2023 at 12:15 PM, Stuart Summers <stsu@trustpilot.com> wrote:
    Hi Emma

    I notice the reviews on your website aren’t 3rd party.

    Public 3rd party reviews may not be a priority for you right now, but they can increase on site conversion by on average 25% and build trust in your brand.
    <p data-removefontsize=”true” data-originalcomputedfontsize=”16″>Would you be open to me sharing how you can create an asset using 3rd party public reviews?</p>
    <p data-removefontsize=”true” data-originalcomputedfontsize=”16″>Thanks.</p>

    Stuart Summers
    Jul 7, 2023
    Stuart Summers Jul 7, 2023

    Morning Emma,

    It might be easier to jump on a quick 10 minute Zoom call to see if we’re a good fit. Then off the back of that I can either send some more specific info. on email, or we can arrange a proper demo.
    If that makes sense then here’s a link to my diary; https://calendar.app.<wbr />google/Wzhh1jSqA2mTPQvb6
    Kind Regards,
    Will Barron
    Jul 7, 2023
    Will Barron Jul 7, 2023

    Looks reasonable to me mate.

    Could maybe lean into an angle of “let me do the hard work for you” more.

    Hi Emma,

    Appreciate you being open about budgets for projects like this.

    I think there might be another way for us to solve this for you.

    The paperwork for this issue is pretty dense.

    Would it make sense jump on a 10 minute call instead of me sending a bunch of PDFs over and I’ll quickly be able to explain how to solve things?


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