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    ICP and Next Step Review
    Justin Brebner
    Sep 18, 2023

    Someone who requires the essential need for an organisation to be able to print and produce high volume printed material to a finished quality and high standard within their organisation. At low cost. they are the directors and procurement managers sourcing suppliers. Their organisations need the flexibility to be able to complete jobs for a range of applications such as – letters, ballot papers, fines, booklets, catalogues, flyers, direct mail, hybrid mail, government communication, books. Need volume work done with good quality and in good speed to meet timely requirements, and budget constraints.

    next step

    Explore Solutions – with use of Consultations, meetings on site
    Comparing Vendors – Using Case studies, Demonstrations, and product overviews as well as pricing and proposals
    Purchase – Proposals, Business Cases, sign orders

    Will Barron
    Sep 21, 2023
    Will Barron Sep 21, 2023

    Internet is out where I’m staying. I’ll run through this on Sunday. Sorry for the delay.

    Will Barron
    Sep 24, 2023
    Will Barron Sep 24, 2023

    Hey Justin,

    Nice start with your ICP. We can disucss this more on your one-on-one tomorrow. But in the mean time what I’d like you to do is paint a clearer picture of who the person is –

    • Job Title – Directors/procurement managers
    • Industry – Print?
    • Location – ?
    • Current Goals – Need more flexibility?
    • Main Pain Point – Budget constraints, speed?
    • Current Solution – ?
    • Buying Process  – Formal procurement process?
    • Technologies – ?

    Also then have a think about how you can help your ICP in specific ways that other people can’t.

    • Higher level consulting (this is key with your background and interests)?
    • Brand recognition
    • Range of products
    Justin Brebner
    Sep 29, 2023
    Justin Brebner Sep 29, 2023

    Hi Will, Ive given this another go. Please let me know what you think.

    Education (School, College, University)


    Job Title – Is your ideal buyer a mid-level or C-suite executive? Not every selling strategy will work for the same job title.

    • CRD (Reprographics Room) – Print Room Manager – Not Buyer, but important role in deciding what will make their lives easier
    • Business/Operations Manager – Controlling Budgets, looking at costs and suppliers. Show them how they can have a return on investment.
    • Procurement Managers/Directors – Ultimate responsibility to find the right supplier, directed by internal stakeholders

    Industry – What industry is your ideal buyer in? The more similar the industries, the closer your messaging can be when connecting with them.

    • Education industry – colleges, schools, university

    Location – Where are they located geographically?

    • Based in Yorkshire and the Northeast of England sometimes onsite

    Company Size – How big are they? Are we talking about a small mom-and-pop or about a several thousand-employee conglomerate?

    • 35 – 800 headcount, large workforces with many moving parts

    Current Goals – What are they trying to achieve this month, this quarter, and this year?

    • Hitting sustainability targets is key for the whole organisation
    • Reducing costs and saving money 
    • High increases in productivity with less effort. 
    • Being able to handle a range of varied jobs with lower qty per job. 
    • Streamline their workflow processes 
    • Effective solutions to centralise a print unit rather than scattered printers positioned everywhere with hybrid working. – need an effective solution to taking orders internally thus keeping money within the organisation. They will also have the option to take orders in externally increasing revenue streams
    • Automated workflows minimising the effort needed to run print jobs, thus attention can be focused on other revenue streams
    • Bring in all work done externally to save substantial costs being spent on outsourced work.

    Main Pain Point – This is a big one. What’s the biggest problem they’re dealing with right now? The more specific, the better.

    • Ineffective workflows causing time related issues and the cost of external projects through 3rd party suppliers (not always visible)
    • By doing work externally it opens up the probability of receiving work late, with error, or incorrect (all increasing costs, wastage, time)
    • Scattered Workforce in today’s work environment all needing some form of print and no way in which this can be ordered.
    • Unorganised workflows and order processing  –  one part of the business does not know what the other is doing 


    Current Solution 

    Current solution could be 3-4 years old already, or no solution at all. What may have been good at the time is now perhaps not as good. If they are with competitor models they have either experienced a range of problematic issues that we have seeked out to eradicate in our offering. Often they have gone for the cheapest solution at the time and have had to work around the production headaches that they experience everyday. Not knowing that there are better, more reliable ways to do the work.

    In some places MFD devices planted in and around office buildings, being slammed with high volumes of work with no sort of job tracking or ticketing and these devices are not meant to be doing the work that is being pushed through them. Work from home printers being placed where they can be utilised by staff to print required work. Or staff having to order assets externally and claim these costs back from the organisation.

    Buying Process 

    Education Sector Bodies generally go out for tender using a preferred Framework which has a range of suppliers on it. Source the most relevant supplier who can supply them with the correct hardware based on a scoring system of variables including cost, solution, impact. Relationships are key so that you can influence the questions being answered.

    Technologies – Do they use the same technology, software, or process?

    Although the printers generally can do the same thing, there are unique selling points and key differentiators that our printers have over competitor models.

    Performance, reliability, service and quality without compromise. We have our own controllers that can do tasks no other competitor can do. Our engine footprints are best in class maximising space, best registration in class, unique fixing system on colour engine allowing maximum productivity even on mixed media. Colour consistency with Multi DAT and Inline spectrometers. Mono engines have unique technology as well that no other mono devices have. Sustainability is also really important with the development of our products.

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