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    ICP and Buyers Journey Asset Review
    Eshan Sharma
    Sep 16, 2023

    I have completed the ICP and buyers journey section of the training. There are some parts I am not sure about so would appreciate any feedback. For context, the service being sold is office cleaning.


    Job title- Practice manager, office manager, procurement manager.

    Industry- GP practices, dentist, professional services.

    Location- Glasgow, Livingston, Tayside.

    Company size- 5-100 employees (per location).

    Current goals- ?

    Main pain point- Unreliable current service, lack of communication with current supplier, lack of visibility with current supplier.

    Current solution- Competitors service.

    Buying process- ?

    Technologies- ?


    In terms of the buyers journey, I think that most prospects will be in the exploring solutions or comparing vendors stage.

    I am not really sure how to move them from the exploring solutions stage to comparing vendors.

    To move them from the comparing vendors stage to purchase stage, I think reviews and case studies from other companies, within the same industry, would be effective.



    Will Barron
    Sep 16, 2023
    Will Barron Sep 16, 2023

    Hey Eshan, good job. Don’t get too hung up with this stuff.

    I think you’re on the right tracks.

    Here are a couple of thoughts –

    Current goals- ?

    Do they want to improve productivity, stop wasted time managing a cleaning team, work environment, retention of employees, reduce fixed monthly costs etc?

    Think about the consequences of having a bad experience with one of your competitors and the goal of the buyer will be to move away from that.

    Buying process- ?

    What paperwork process do they need to go through to start working with you? Who has to sign off? What hoops do you need to jump through? Any specific insurances they need to check you have etc?

    Technologies- ?

    Do they use specific tools to track hours work, invoices, quality check the job etc? This is probably less important for you than the other elements.

    I am not really sure how to move them from the exploring solutions stage to comparing vendors.

    How can you educate a prospect that your solution is the correct one and that all they have to do next is sanity check things against a competitor or two?

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