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    HubSpot – Should we Invest?
    Adam Shilton
    Jun 17, 2022

    Hey everyone,

    We are considering investing in HubSpot Sales & Marketing as a business.

    At this stage, we’ve identified the ‘professional’ version of both the sales & marketing solutions as the best fit for our requirements.

    Is anyone in this forum using HubSpot? If so how do they find it?

    I’m, particularly interested in any ‘gotchas’ i.e is there anything we need to be aware of that we grow that could cause problems later down the line within the solution?

    How easily does it scale? How quickly do costs increase etc?

    Any feedback would be useful 🙂

    Thanks guys


    Will Barron
    Jun 19, 2022
    Will Barron Jun 19, 2022

    Hey Adam, as you probably know, we use HubSpot.

    It’s great. Only downside is that it can get expensive quick as you add one more stuff to it.

    But the flip side of that is, if you’re using it properly, there’s nothing they force you to add that wouldn’t be generating revenue so the ROI is usually great.

    They don’t force me to use it RE our sponsorship (I’m a paying customer), I could literally get a free account with any CRM company. But I choose to use them.

    Have you jumped on a call with them? Their sales team is really good.

    Adam Shilton
    Jun 19, 2022
    Adam Shilton Jun 19, 2022

    Thanks Will,

    Yes, we’ve already started seeing what the jump from professional to enterprise could look like, and there’s a pretty big jump. But either way, I’d still consider it to provide a better return than something like Salesforce which can sometimes end up over-engineered and equally if not more expensive.

    Their sales team does seem to be good, although very much still within the ‘how do I close these guys’ frame of mind. “We’ll give you a deal if you agree by the end of the month” was the most recent update. Doesn’t strike me as a costumer first mindset, or a team that that’s really trying to understand things from our point of view, but they are definitely knowledgeable.

    Thanks again.


    Jimmy Chrisovergis
    Jun 22, 2022
    Jimmy Chrisovergis Jun 22, 2022

    We left HubSpot for Close.com. It ended up being much, mucchhhh cheaper, for a similar service overall.

    All we use it for is keeping track of buyer outreach and the occasional cadence if someone is OOO. Everything else is managed elsewhere.

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