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    How to handle a soft no?
    Stuart Summers
    Jun 16, 2023

    Hey Will, missed our call last night having root canal at the dentist so didn’t get a chance to go over this.

    Have a business I demo’d 2 weeks ago with their SEO and website specialist and I felt it went well. They’re one of those businesses that are requesting reviews on Trustpilot, but not the ideal way, which as I’ve mentioned before means you can’t use those reviews to improve your google ad performance, and they don’t carry a “Verified” badge. I got the below email from her this week, and then this was my reply today. Keen to see if you’d have handled this differently? (PS financial year in Australia is July 1st to June 30)

    Hi Stuart,

    Apologies for the late reply. We’re just about to go through the End of Financial year for Australia so it’s keeping everyone busy. I’ve passed on the information to our comms team to see if we can get Trust Pilot and intercom integrated together for a better review experience – but this has been put onto a low priority┬álist as we’re not too concerned how its running since we are only testing Trust Pilot out at the moment. If I have any questions or concerns I’ll be in touch.
    Hi Alysha,
    What outcomes would make a successful test? As opposed to an unsuccessful test?

    Come July 1st, does it make sense to run a proper 2 week trial? We can bring the comms team into the conversation along with your Manager and from my end I actually have a trials specialist who works in my team who could co-ordinate everything. We could lay out some fixed goals that you ideally wanted to see over that 2 week period.
    Kind Regards,
    Will Barron
    Jun 19, 2023
    Will Barron Jun 19, 2023

    Ah crap, hope the tooth is OK!

    Your reply is fine but I’d always try and go for the meeting.

    Hi X,

    I appreciate that this is low priority right now.

    Would it make sense to introduce me to the comms team lead so I can share the quickest way to get us integrated with intercom?

    It can be tricky and I’ll likely save them a few hours work (even if we don’t end up working together).


    Make it easy for them to say yes. Agreeing to a trial is a much bigger ask VS running a trial.

    Also “thoughts?” is basically saying – “Here’s a bunch of stuff. Will you worth through it and tell me what I should be doing next?”

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