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    How to Cold Call?
    Emel Nurşah Gedik
    Apr 29, 2024

    Hi guys,

    I just started working in a translation company as a BDM. I have inbound sales experience in different sectors but they hired me knowing that I have no experience as an outbound BDM in this sector because I studied and worked as a freelance translator so I know what the company offers (I am the first person they hired and there are no sales or BDMs other than me).

    As translation is not a service that companies always need, I am confused about who to call, email, and what value I should provide.

    Currently the CEO asked me to focus on medical device companies and I personalized and added multiple A/B tests while trying to make my emails as interesting as possible so they could reply to me. I reached out to 10 different companies and 255 people so far but even tough I have high open rates, I do not get any replies or any positive replies.

    As we do not have a tech product, I cannot write about a specific value that we provide differently than others.

    My leads are people with procurement, buyer, and purchasing titles. I try to personalize and send emails to decision-makers but medical device companies have more decision-makers than their purchasing agents which makes it difficult to find who will be the decision-maker for our services.

    I have attached two of my emails that got around 90% open rates but no interested emails.

    I do not know if you can help me out but I wanted to try.

    Email 1

    Can your customer understand you? / Inaccurate Data on Your Data Sheet

    Hello {{first_name}},
    How have you been doing? I recently had the opportunity to review some of the data sheets and documents that were translated into multiple languages on {{company}}’s website. While it’s evident that your company provides valuable resources to clients and potential customers worldwide, I noticed that some of the translations appear to be incomplete and technically incorrect.
    This made me wonder how {{company}} ensures effective communication and language consistency across its diverse locations. Because from what I have seen your data sheets that contain critical information include incomplete or technically incorrect translations.
    At HeliCo Translation and Interpretation, our focus is on your success. By partnering with us, {{company}} can confidently enhance its global communication efforts, ensuring messages resonate authentically with your target markets. Our expertise minimizes the risk of potential complications stemming from incomplete or inaccurate translations, allowing {{company}} to maintain its reputation for excellence in the medical device industry.
    Would you be available to discuss how our services could support {{company}}’s translation, localization, and interpretation needs? I’d be happy to arrange a call at your convenience or explore alternative communication methods.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Best regards,
    Email 2
    Hello {{first_name}},
    We have yet to be introduced but I am X and I am the BDM of X. I was looking into your products and clinical software and was wondering about a couple of things.
    Do your practice management and clinical software support multiple languages? I happened to notice that {{company}} has already translated its website into 7 different languages. But how about the products that your customers use?
    The real reason for my outreach is to chat about how we can enhance your outreach efforts and help make your software more accessible to a multicultural audience. I suspect that, like many leading medical companies, you have numerous manuals and regulations that require translation into relevant regulatory compliance standards, while ensuring accurate translations and maintaining data security.
    Without a reliable translation and interpretation partner, you will likely struggle with accurately translating regulatory requirements for each country, risking compliance issues and legal complications.
    X can save you from these complications while also providing advantageous tax-free prices.
    For example, unlike other translation companies, X provides its clients with a “Quick Quoting Portal” where they can save time and receive their files quickly and easily.
    While you may already have a translation company that you work with, we would like to offer our services as an alternative. Our team specializes in medical sector regulations to provide efficient, and accurate translation and interpretation.
    If you are up for a chat to hear about this and more, I would be happy to find a time whenever is convenient for you.
    Best regards,
    Will Barron
    Apr 29, 2024
    Will Barron Apr 29, 2024


    Grab the book –


    Here’s some homework –

    I am confused about who to call, email

    Selling made simple – Page 26

    what value I should provide

    Selling made simple – Page 39

    I do not get any replies or any positive replies

    Selling made simple – Page 12

    You need to work out the right person and right message.

    As we do not have a tech product, I cannot write about a specific value that we provide differently than others.

    That isn’t true. Does your company have customers? There must have been something that differentiated you otherwise they would have purchased with someone else.

    Book a call with a couple of customers and ask them why they went with you.

    My leads are people with procurement, buyer, and purchasing titles.

    Find your Major ICP and focus on them.

    Selling made simple – Page 29


    I think you’re awesome, but those emails really suck.

    You need to do the groundwork above and then build out some cold emails using the cold email framework –

    Selling made simple – Page 108

    Hope that helps! Come back with some answers and more questions.

    Emel Nurşah Gedik
    Apr 29, 2024
    Emel Nurşah Gedik Apr 29, 2024

    Thank you for the advice, Will. I started reading the book and this is what I came up with so far.

    The pain points we can solve:

    1- Technical Jargon/Complex Terminology

    2-Regulatory Compliance

    3- Cultural Sensitivity and Adaptation + Consistency and Accuracy

    4- Confidentiality and Data Security in translation projects

    This is our value prop:

    +we provide the right information on who to contact in our company so you do not get lost trying to figure that out

    +we provide our detailed recruitment process for you to show you that we value high quality and experience

    +we teach you about each of the steps that need to be taken for the project

    +we inform you of how we ensure quality at all times

    +we assign only the native speakers with the highest quality and experience

    +we are experienced with the regulatory compliances of each country and provide the necessary terminology

    I checked out some recent posts here and this is what I came up with for now:

    The example email: (I believe this ICP is called the Champion as they would be communicating with us after the purchase so they would have a partial influence on the sales process.)

    Subject: Regulatory Compliances, {name}?

    Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs Managers who manage communications with their contracted translation companies tell me it’s a challenge to track quality and ensure regulatory compliance in each country they are planning to launch.

    We have implemented a meticulous process to guarantee accuracy and adherence to regulations ensuring that your devices meet the regulatory standards of each target market. We make sure that you do not have to lift a finger in the process.

    Would you be available to discuss this further? I’d be happy to arrange a call at your convenience or explore alternative communication methods

    Best regards,

    Will Barron
    May 2, 2024
    Will Barron May 2, 2024

    You’re on the right tracks. Your email is still too long and full of fluff.

    Try rewriting it in as simple as form as possible.

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