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    How not to prospect on Linkedin
    Stuart Summers
    Aug 17, 2023

    Thought I’d share this with the group. Was sent this prospecting email on Linkedin. I most certainly don’t like drawing lol. You can also see my somewhat smarmy reply below as well.

    Hey Stuart – saw on your LI profile you are fond of drawing, and I wanted to share with you an analogy that I thought of when considering Momentum’s pitch.

    Just like how an artist needs the finest tools and techniques to create their magnum opus, a salesperson like you deserves the best revenue platform to turn your prospects into customers seamlessly.

    Enter Momentum – the ultimate co-pilot for sales reps, equipped with AI and workflow automation to manage pipelines and elevate your Salesforce hygiene. It’s like having a set of high-quality brushes, paints, and palette for your artistic endeavors!

    Imagine Momentum as your blank canvas, waiting for your creative touch to transform leads into successful deals. With AI-powered call summaries, automated MEDDIC updates, and timely notifications in Slack, you can run a deal better than ever before.

    Open to learning more?

    My Reply:-

    Yikes Cecilia, I don’t mean to be harsh but this is a really poor prospecting email.

    I hate drawing, so it most definitely isn’t in my Linkedin profile.

    Never use the word “pitch”  in prospecting outreach.

    Your message is too long, but it’s academic as you lost the prospect in the first sentence with poor research.

    Will Barron
    Aug 17, 2023
    Will Barron Aug 17, 2023

    I’ve given up trying to give people feedback.

    I regularly get emails and LinkedIn messages along the lines of –

    I hope things are going well with Salesman.com. Do you think sales training could improve your teams performance?

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