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    How are your commissions paid?
    Lauren Bailey
    Nov 28, 2021

    We’re entering a new commission structure in January and it’s more difficult than ever for me to wrap my head around it!!!

    Is ya’ll commissions or bonuses complicated too?

    Will Barron
    Nov 29, 2021
    Will Barron Nov 29, 2021

    My commissions have always been a percentage of sales up to a certain point (usually sales target) and then a higher percentage of commissions after that.

    If you don’t understand your commissions at work speak to your sales manager. If they can’t/wont explain it then suggest you both go to HR for them to explain it.

    Not knowing how you’re going to get paid in a sales role is like starting a job as a surgeon but they won’t tell you where the scalpels are.

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