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    How are you counting (tracking) outreach each day?
    Adam Forgione
    Mar 2, 2024

    Are you doing this manually? or is there an app or trigger you are using in your CRM that classifies a particular email as an outreach. For example, i can automatically track each time an email is sent to a prospect and have that logged in my CRM as a count of 1, but if I have a few back and forth emails regarding lets say scheduling, I don’t want that counted as an outreach. Seems I may need to manually count and track outreach emails each day but would love to hear if anyone is automating it successfully.

    Will Barron
    Mar 6, 2024
    Will Barron Mar 6, 2024

    Most people start with the spreadsheet that’s in the training worksheet.

    I know you like to be fancy with these things though :).

    The easiest way to manage this within a CRM is with automations.

    For example –

    Day 1 – Add person to CRM. Email 1 is automatically sent.

    Day 2 – Notification to call prospect in dashboard.

    Day 4 – Email 2 automatically sent

    Day 5 – Notification to add on LinkedIn in dashboard


    So each morning you add X people to your CRM which activates the cadence. Then you check the CRM dashboard which will tell you the activities that need completing that day that can’t be automated.

    But for your first cadence (to prove that it works and to confirm your meeting booking rate) you’re probably best off just using the spreadsheet and doing things manually.

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