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    Help refining the Referrals process
    Daniel Young
    Dec 13, 2022

    Hi all,

    I’m setting up my referrals process, and looking for any examples/best practice for:

    1) Examples or formats for the client facing “Referral/Confirming Value Report” that is emailed to previous buyers

    2) Email template for sharing the Referral/Confirming Value Report, and how the request for a call is positioned.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


    Will Barron
    Dec 14, 2022
    Will Barron Dec 14, 2022

    Hey Danny,

    1 – I’ll ping a few messages out and see if any of the people I’ve helped build theirs are willing to share.

    In the mean time though, follow the instructions, build it out and share here if you want me to review it.

    2 – Something like –

    Hi [NAME],

    We’ve now been working together for [X] months.

    I’ve prepared a quick report that covers –

    – Where we started
    – What has been delivered so far
    – Our latest industry insights

    Would it be OK for me to send it over?


    Then when they say yes –

    Awesome. If I get it over today, would you give me 10 minutes on a quick call to run through it with you?

    Don’t over think any of this though. If you’ve delivered value to them whilst you’ve been working together than they’ll be more than happy to jump on a quick call.

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