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    Help on cold calling within the electrical wholesale industry
    Darren Garner
    Feb 2, 2024

    I’m an account manager for a electrical wholesaler within the UK. All thencold calling help online and other causes are aim at selling b2b sales services. In my industry we are all selling the same product made by the same company. Unfortunately others have made our industry a race to the bottom. Does anyone have any advice on cold calls in this industry or help they can offer. Thabk you in advance for your time and effort.

    Will Barron
    Feb 5, 2024
    Will Barron Feb 5, 2024

    Have you read the cold calling chapter in Selling Made simple?

    Selling Made Simple – Book

    Stuart Hay
    Feb 9, 2024
    Stuart Hay Feb 9, 2024

    The big man gives the advice, the person asking disappears into the night lol.

    Darren Garner
    Feb 10, 2024
    Darren Garner Feb 10, 2024

    Sorry will only just seen your response,


    I am going through the book at the moment (amazing) again sorry for the late reply.


    Eric Foster
    Feb 17, 2024
    Eric Foster Feb 17, 2024


    I’ve worked in the electrical product and services space for 24 years.  I’m in my first role as an outside seller for a larger regional distributor.  I see 2 different tracks.  Track #1 is conduit, wire, lighting, MRO parts, etc.  This track is definitely commoditized especially with residential and commercial markets.  Track #2 is larger switchgear projects, startup, engineering studies, protective relay replacement projects, etc.  Track 2 has far less competition and higher margins.  Industrial customers are far more loyal than commercial & resi customers here in the States.  The more complex the offering, the less competition there is….I like to frame the conversation around reliability and uptime.  Do you have a power systems engineer/BDM you could take with you?  If yes, let the engineer do most of the talking.  Most times I’ve seen the walls come down immediately when they’re speaking to a Professional Engineer (especially when talking price).  Once these guys get in, most customers don’t want to turn loose.  It may be a crutch, but it’s a VERY good crutch.

    My 2 cents,

    Eric Foster


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