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    Help in creating 30-60-90 day plan to be ready for achieving annual sales quota
    Prabodh Deolekar
    Jun 4, 2023

    Hi ,I am a sales specialist who is selling Customer experience products which includes Sales CRM, Service CRM, Marketing automation solution for B2C , Marketing automation solution for B2B , Customer Data Platform from month of June 2023, I will be managing BFSI ( Banking and Financial services)accounts in western region of India, I will be working with Account managers who will be selling all the products of my organisation including CX, ERP and HRMS  , i will also be working with Channel partners and inside sales teams , they all will help me to do opportunity identification and generating sales pipeline ,can anyone advice me on a framework to create 30-60 -90 day plan to achieve my sales quota of approximately 2 million USD till 31st May 2024.


    As per past data a sales specialist need to generate business from 2 to 4 accounts to achieve this kind of quota, there are 2 existing accounts who give us some kind of expansion every year however we don’t have a firm pipeline from them right now .I am not sure of My current pipeline as i have taken this role from this month only however i think it should be approximately 500 K USD


    I have to present this plan to my boss in ppt format so u can structure your advice accordingly


    The plan should have the right metrics to track , right milestones to track , help needed from all the resources I have at my diposal, including my manager.



    Thanks in advance 🙏🙏🙏🙏


    Will Barron
    Jun 4, 2023
    Will Barron Jun 4, 2023

    Hey Prabodh, watch this video –

    And complete this template –


    Once you’ve done the work, post a link to it here and I’ll take a look.

    Prabodh Deolekar
    Jun 8, 2023
    Prabodh Deolekar Jun 8, 2023

    Hi Will,

    Sorry for delayed response as i was not keeping well few day.  I have will the format suggested by you, below mail for your reference.

    30 Day Plan

    1. Know about my CX Product and service
    2. Interlock with all the team members of the BFSI team and understand the current funnel status
    3. Find the customer who are right fit for our CX products
    4. Progress Q1 opportunities further
    5. Generate 500 K USD CX Sales funnel

    To complete the Goal I will:

    1. I will go through Level 1 learning, Shadow sales and SE teams in customer calls
    2. Interlock with all the relevant past and present team members and update the sheet with the current status
    3. Shortlist list of accounts i will be going through for our CX solution for this year
    4. I will get a complete handover of Q1 opportunities and get introduced to client
    5. Interlock with Account Managers and Channel partners to identify 500 K USD Funnel, Meet existing clients and , create account plan for expansion and upsell opportunity , Train respective Inside sales reps for CX sales pitch

    I will have had success if I will:

    1. I will have roleplay before customer meetings with SE’s and they quiz me and give feedback to mee on my understanding of our CX portfolio
    2. I will have to update the status for all the accounts i am targetting in my patch along with past history, latest engagement status and opportunity details if any
    3. I will finalize list of accounts i need to go behind and have first-level plan on how to drive engagement in each account
    4. I will qualify the Q1 opportunity and have deal timelines for the respective opportunity
    5. I finish the Meeting and do points 2, and 4. I have a meeting with 4 new clients. Inside sales team sales pitch is effective and able to fix meetings

    60-Day Plan:

    Success Goals:

    1. Build 1 Mil USD qualified Funnel
    2. Meet 4 new high-potential clients and deliver CX Sales pitch
    3. Create a Funnel Plan with all the respective AMs and Channel Partners

    To complete the Goal I will:

    1. I will be Calling my list of Accounts, Align with AM’s for fixing meeting, Work with inside sales for customer meeting
    2. Research customers and fill Account plan
    3. Have 1 to 1 with respective AM’s

    I will have had success if I will:

    1. I will fix 4 new high potential customer meetings
    2. I fill 4 Account plans before a customer meeting
    3. I have a plan with respective 4 AMs for generating CX opportunities in their accounts

    90-Day Plan:

    Success Goals:
    1. Have at least 1 closure from the existing funnel opportunity
    2. Generate a 1.5 Mil USD funnel
    3. Move at least 2 opportunities beyond the demo stage

    To complete the Goal I will:
    1. Complete all the closure process pricing approval raised,Have one executive meeting
    2. Meet 4 new large high potential clients and unearth new opportunities

    I will have had success if I will:

    1. Recieve the PO from one customer
    2. We have discovery session with the clients
    3. Complete Demos in two accounts

    Prabodh Deolekar
    Jun 8, 2023
    Prabodh Deolekar Jun 8, 2023

    Hi Will,


    Please ignore my earlier reply there is no option to delete it . Below is my short and succinct 30-60-90 day plan as per your template


    30 day Plan
    Get the status of all the deals and accounts
    Interlock with respective Account Managers, SEs;
    If i have a sheet that has all the details filled
    60 Day Plan
    Comfortable calling customer and fixing meeting over the phone
    Call customer and make a sales pitch over the phone, take SE’s help for rolepaly and improve your sale spictch
    If i fix 4 meeting on my own by calling customer
    90Day Plan:
    1. Comfortable with having customer meeting and progressing opportunity
    2. Comfortable with identifying the right prospect
    3. Comfortable with doing initial customer meetings, Qualify a opportunity , presentation, demo without help of SE’s
    4. Generate 1.5 Mil USD funnel
    5. Build Good Rapport with Account Managers, my manager and get work done from Inside sales ( BDCs)
    6. Close Q 1 opportunity
    1. Shadow SE for Customer calls, make notes, take initiative in pitching oracle solution in joint meeting;
    2. Connect with SEs and Co prime reps to understand how to qualify customer;
    3. Shadow SE for Customer calls, make notes, take initiative in pitching oracle solution in joint meeting;
    4. Together as a team reach out to all 30 customers and identify engagement opportunity
    5. Keep close track on current CX opportunity , work closely with respective AM who is working on the Q1 opportunity, take help from all the resources;
    1. I am able to have 3 customer meeting without help of SE’s
    2. If i identify 9 clients who i think have potential to give business to us this year
    3. I am able to have 5 customer meetings, do initial level demos without help of SE’s
    4. If we generate 1.5 mil USD funnel
    5. ; If we can have one team get together and everyone enjoys my company and excited for CX opportunities
    6. Recieve PO from one customer
    Will Barron
    Jun 8, 2023
    Will Barron Jun 8, 2023

    Looks good Prabodh. The original (longer) one you posted has the depth that I’d expect from a 30, 60, 90 day plan.

    If you’re doing it via PowerPoint it might be too much “stuff” for slides though.

    Make sure you have two printed copies if you’re doing your presentation in person so you can hand them out too.

    Best of luck with your presentation. Let me know how it goes.

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