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    Following up with old leads
    Adam Forgione
    Feb 10, 2024

    I’m trying to create a templated email for leads that faded away but originally were the ones who reached out to us first. Better than a cold lead that ghosted me since they came to us from our website first, so they must of seen something that piqued their interest. I want to stay away from the generic “I’m circling back…” or “I’m following up…”

    Also since they contacted me first, replying with the RE may tell them that this is one of their active threads and not a fresh subject line in case they forgot our name.

    I’d like to use the Chris Voss technique “Have you given up on the project?”, but not sure if it should be in the subject since I’ll lose the RE.

    I’m curious how others handle similar leads to jumpstart the conversation again, especially in the subject line or the first few sentences.

    Jono Earles
    Feb 13, 2024
    Jono Earles Feb 13, 2024

    Hey – I’ve used the ‘break up – email’ with success to restart the conversation. Some people respond straight away with an apology saying how busy they are etc.  I try and add a bit of humour to it. See below for an example. Probably could be shorter.


    Subj – (name) – It’s not you, it’s me


    Hi (Name)


    I’ve reached out a few times to see how you’re going with getting new clients onboard.


    I appreciate you’re super busy and I don’t want to be that annoying sales guy that keeps harassing you. So here’s three options to choose from:


    1. We have a steady consistent flow of new clients so we’re ok for now, but please keep in touch
    2. Things are lumpy when it comes to new clients, let’s catch up in the next couple of weeks
    3. Leave me alone and take me off your Xmas card list


    Just reply with  1, 2 or 3.




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