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    Feedback on Discovery Call Template
    Mar 8, 2023

    Hi Team, I’m revising my discovery call template. Obviously the call would flow organically and question may not go in order, or we may jump right to challenges, won’t have time to finish etc. but I’d like feedback on the flow, if anything is missing etc.

    We offer advisory services to business leaders and they pay for a license to have access to that.

    Here’s the google sheets version for comments or you can reply inline. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WhZqUsf5VAl3MGAcCioP4mmrypljQhxmPMNKWHcgFNU/edit?usp=sharing

    – How is your week going?
    – I keep seeing X come up in the news/in research, What’s going on at your company?
    – Thanks again for your time today. Generally these calls go one of two ways, I’m going to ask some questions to see if there’s fit work working with our company. Most likely you’ll like where the call is headed and the next step will involve a follow up call with your boss, or we’ll part ways as friends, does that work?
    – You’ve been X role for Y Time, how’s it going for you?
    – OPTIONAL BASED ON PREVIOUS HISTORY WITH MY COMPANY: I noticed you had a (our company) license a few years ago, how was that? OR I know X has a license, do you work with them?
    – Thanks, from what I know about the business, I’d imagine that your top priorities are (A B C) (Do some homework and come up with a hypothesis to start this conversation- don’t just ask- show you care about their business)
    – Then what would you say are your top priorities, particularly as they relate to business priorities?
    – How does your team plan to support that business priority?
    – What’s your strategy for hitting that?
    – What would you say then are the most critical priorities for your team?
    – Are there any business metrics you’re responsible for, perhaps in terms of growth, cost reduction or risk reduction?
    – Are there any upcoming milestones?
    – Does your team have the skill set to hit that?
    – What does your team look like
    – Who on your team is responsible for XYZ
    – What types of challenges do you anticipate? (MOST CRITICAL, dig in and ask level 2 and 3 questions)
    – How do you feel the team is progressing towards ……
    – OPTIONAL: I had a conversation with xyz about x OR I heard that team might be working on X
    – Do you report up to X? (Do your homework first)
    – Dependent on past history – I know you (had our service before, talked with someone before, watched x webinar) what were your thoughts?
    – From what you told me, there’s alignment around X priority where we can really help (expedite, add value, move the needle), let me put something together and we can
    – NEXT STEP based on responses: Book a POC call with an expert/ work on a business case for boss
    – Let’s get back together at X day, does that work?

    Will Barron
    Mar 10, 2023
    Will Barron Mar 10, 2023

    Hey Travis,

    We covered most of this on the group coaching call but some thoughts –

    – Go deeper into pains.
    – Cut small talk to minimum
    – Transition into business “Right, you ready to jump in?” “The way these calls usually go…”
    – Order of conversation
    1) Current reality (pain, time)
    2) Blockers (process, budget, champion)
    3) Future reality (fit, ROI)
    4) Micro-close (“If we can do X, can you do Y?”)

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