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    Feature, Benefits, Desire, Confirm
    Brian Nord
    Feb 12, 2024

    Common feature the buyer is interested in:

    This is for the person I have a meeting with next week that is in Denmark, wants to hire someone in the US for business development

    Candidate selection- we present them with several choices of qualified people, we have pre-interviewed them to make sure they are qualified for the role, that they are excited about your company.

    Benefit of this feature- you can hear different angels from different professionals about taking your product to market in the US; you don’t leave this by chance. You can find the right person.

    Desire of this Feature is- YOU CAN ACHIEVE this dream of US Market with the right partner

    Confirmation; Do you agree having several qualified, effective candidates for you to interview would give you an advantage?

    Will Barron
    Feb 19, 2024
    Will Barron Feb 19, 2024

    On the right tracks!

    Is the dreaaaaaaaamm really to break into the US market?

    i.e. is the prospect sat up at night, panicking about achieving that? They might be, I don’t know. Maybe they have investors breathing down their neck to make that happen.

    Otherwise –

    • What is the second order consequence of breaking into the US?
    • What are their longer term goals?
    • What does breaking into the US mean for the stability of the business? More chance of investors? etc

    If you can tie your feature, benefit and then desire to something either deeper or more tangible then you’ll have more impact.

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