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    Emails for review
    Eshan Sharma
    Dec 8, 2023

    Hi Will,

    Please see below the requested emails for review.


    Email 1:

    Subject- [NAME], too busy?


    It’s tough to keep high cleaning standards when managing things on your own. I hear that all the time from my clients.

    We help operations managers increase their productivity (and levels of sanity) by freeing them from office cleaning duties.

    We carry out regular inspections and create a simple report based on the findings to ensure that the standards are maintained without you having to be intimately involved.

    Would it make sense to arrange a site visit so I can explain how it works?


    Email 2: 

    Subject- [NAME]- Complaint

    I was working with an operations manager this week and he’s received a few complaints from customers about his buildings cleanliness.

    He was struggling to get in contact with his cleaning contractor to get it resolved.

    We use multiple methods to ensure that your premises are always clean, so you never have to face a complaint email again.

    Would it make sense to book a quick site visit to learn about the ways we ensure your premises stay pristine?


    Email 3: 

    Subject: Must have missed you!

    I gave you a quick call but I must have missed you. That is actually why I am reaching out.

    Do you struggle to get in contact with your existing cleaning company?

    At ServiceMaster, we prioritize communication so you can always get a hold of your dedicated Area Manager. No more wasting time trying to get a hold of your cleaning contractor.

    Would it make sense to have a quick site visit to see if we can help?


    Email 4:

    Subject: [NAME], worth it?

    Has your cleaning contractor increased their prices but not improved the service?

    Last year cleaning companies increased their prices by 17% on average (but didn’t change a single thing about their service). This is shocking to me.

    Open to learning how much we would charge for an equivalent service?


    Email 5: 

    Subject: [NAME], no show?

    Suffered from ‘no-shows’ from cleaners? With no feedback from the cleaning company?

    It’s way too common these days.

    We have found that most cleaning companies don’t even know if a clean has been complete.

    We do things differently by implementing a time and attendance system to ensure that your clean is complete. This way you know exactly where your money is going.

    Open to learning a few more ways that we ensure that your clean is always done?


    Email 6: 

    Subject: [NAME]- Wrong time?

    It seems we haven’t managed to connect.

    It doesn’t look like we are a good fit for you right now. Mind if I follow this up in a few months?



    – I feel emails later in the cadence are stronger and should be moved further forward. Specifically, emails 4 and 5.

    – I think this cadence would be more effective if it was run over a longer period of time.


    If you could let me know your thoughts, that would be greatly appreciated.


    Many thanks,


    Will Barron
    Dec 11, 2023
    Will Barron Dec 11, 2023

    Hey Eshan, we’ll run through this on today’s call.

    If you have time before we connect, can you send me some examples of the personalization that you’ve sent for the first line of the first email please?

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