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    Email to leads after 60 days
    John Ting
    Dec 14, 2023

    Is this too strong? This is intended to be the final email from us aside from our drip campaigns.


    Hi lead’s name,

    This is Abby, attorney with Ting Law Group. When we had our strategy session, I shared the action plan for you. Is there something holding you back? Our Cares team specialist updated me that you are not ready, at least with us.

    Here is our last advice to consider. There are some people who want our guidance, but then decide to file on their own and even other lawyers who are not as experienced. Guess what happened? They called us back after they were denied or received Notice of Intent to Deny. Even though they hired us eventually, it was after more than 12 months later and too many days of stress.

    We would like to prevent that delay and get rid of that stress for you.

    Areli, can you mark lead’s file as Not Ready for now?

    Will Barron
    Dec 18, 2023
    Will Barron Dec 18, 2023

    Couple of notes –

    • Needs be to shorter/this can probably be split into multiple emails.
    • It’s not very readable. To make things more readable, strip absolutely everything doesn’t need to be there for the message to be communicated.
    • Your last email should be very simple, straight to the point and essentially saying “we’re done here”.
    • It’s very difficult to convince someone (“here is our last advice…”) to change their mind. It’s much easier to influence someone by helping them become congruent to their previous behavior (“We spoke about X, you didn’t take action on Y. Did something change?”)
    • To many questions/CTA’s.
    • Is the last line asking someone else other than the prospect to take an action? That’s super rude :).


    Example –

    Email: Second to last 

    Hi NAME,

    We spoke X weeks ago and put together an action plan.

    It looked like you were ready to move forward.

    Has something changed?


    Email: Last in cadence

    Hi NAME,

    It’s been X weeks and I didn’t hear back from you.

    Is it fair to say that you’ve gone in a different direction?

    No problem if that is the case, I can close your file at my end.

    John Ting
    Dec 19, 2023
    John Ting Dec 19, 2023

    Thanks for simplifying it. So, 99% of our emails come from our intake/sales team. We only have attorneys send recap email after the consultation when they see fit more for legal explanation, not for sales purposes. This is why I was considering to send an email with the attorney’s name that they met with during the discovery call. Yes, I will still simplify it.

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