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    Draft Cadence for Review
    Don Madden
    Apr 26, 2024

    Below is my draft cadence. I do need to flesh out the content for some of the steps.

    I expect to extend this. Comments welcome.

    Day 1

    LinkedIn connection request

    No note

    (hope they look @ my profile)

    Day 3

    Accepted LinkedIn Connection

    (likely looked @ my profile)

    Send thank you with a short note with Value prop.

    Ask a question, that needs a response.

    Day 6

    If prospect responds to LinkedIn note,


    If no answer, leave VM that an email with a lead magnet is coming via LinkedIn.


    In LinkedIn note include phone and email

    Will call again.


    If prospect answers….

    refer to LinkedIn engagement.

    Ask what’s going on in biz … why the interest?


    Confirm business motivation. Connect with pain.

    Review process for savings…. ask for bill.


    If not ready to send bill offer lead magnet and case study via email

    If agreed to send bill get name and contact info of who will do it.


    Email  thank you  / next steps to both.

    If no response to LinkedIn Thank you note, save connection to LinkedIn Navigator file for a later look at contact and company.


    Day 8


    LinkedIn responders to follow up lead magnet.


    If no answer leave vm and send email

    with message that telecom is not their

    main biz.

    Our clients see savings within 2 months of engagement.

    Include pic of successful client logos

    Ask for call / meeting


    If call picked up… refer to lead magnet.

    Ask if they have telco bill oversight process.

    Have successful email ready to send during conversation.

    Go to pain. Go to savings. Go to track record.

    Ask for bill.

    Day 10

    Call & Email… do I have the right person?

    Ask for call / meeting


    Day 14

    Follow up with responders Call and email.

    Put others on bimonthly general email.

    Will Barron
    Apr 29, 2024
    Will Barron Apr 29, 2024
    Hi Don,
    Day 1
    I’d probably add them on LinkedIn and send a cold email the same day.
    Day 3
    The goal on LinkedIn (big update coming to the training in the next few weeks) is to start a conversation, rather than pitching themm.
    Here’s a framework for that first message –
    Hi [NAME],

    [Observation about their business/person/market] [Complement the observation].

    [Ask permission to follow up about observation].

    For example –

    Hi Klaus,

    It’s crazy that you offer a guarantee as part of your service. That’s really brave in the headhunting space, you must know your stuff.

    Mind if I ask a quick question about how you implement your hiring process?

    Day 6
    Treat your call as a cold call in this instance as you haven’t had any real engagement from the prospect at this point.
    Follow the cold call framework rather than “ask what’s going on in biz”.
    Day 8
    Looks fine.
    Day 10
    The “do I have the right person” is usually considered a break-up email.
    I’d save this until the very end of your cadence as a final touch point.
    Day 14
    Double check the legality to adding people to a “general email” list that they didn’t proactively subscribe to.
    Typically outbound messages like this are not considered spam when they go a specific person, representing a company. Sending mass unsolicited mass email isn’t very effective anyway.
    This is a great start with your cadence. It needs more email activity.
    LinkedIn is great when the person you’re engaging with lives on the platform. For everyone else, the calls and emails will do most of the heavy lifting.
    Hope that helps.
    Don Madden
    Apr 29, 2024
    Don Madden Apr 29, 2024


    Very helpful.

    I will extend the emails in this sequence.

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