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    Cyber Risk Assessment Irish Market
    Shane Reynolds
    Nov 11, 2023

    Hi Will,

    Below are the cold emails I send to the Irish prospects:


    Hi {{first_name}},
    We’ve yet to be properly introduced, but I’m Shane, Country Sales Manager for 4Securitas.
    As an IT professional I am sure you are aware of the growing threats to businesses in Ireland in Cybersecurity. We are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber warfare.
    One of the main challenges within organizations is identifying where the visibility of the vulnerabilities are.
    Or, if there is a security breach, where did it originate from?
    That is the critical question that most Cyber security professionals and IT personnel are scratching their heads on.
    Would you agree with that {{first_name}}?
    That is why at 4Securitas we are currently working with the Irish Government and organizations like yourself in resolving these growing threats to Irish Businesses.
    We want to do the same for you {{first_name}} for {{company}}
    Our primary method is the CRA tool which allows the organization to perform a passive scan on their Digital assets which will highlight the main areas of your IT that needs attention the most.
    You’ll be able to do multiple scans whenever you want.
    In other words full visibility of your IT posture.
    Would this interest you to see more of what that entails?
    Right now we are offering a free one time Cyber Risk Assessment of your IT infrastructure that will show you your vulnerabilities.
    From there we can have a call and discuss if we can possibly help you.
    Would it suit you to schedule a 15 minute call to discuss {{company}}’s current cybersecurity measures in place?
    We can advise you on best practices that are tailored for your company’s needs.
    Even if you decide not to continue the conversation after our call, you will leave with some information for {{company}} that will have an immediate impact and we can help you find the best solution for you which may not even be us.
    Hi {{first_name}},
    I recently sent you a quick introduction e-mail to set up a quick call to discuss {{company}}’s Cyber security and some of the concerns that you might be having around it.
    Can I ask you {{first_name}} , does the idea of investing time and money into the online security of your company make sense?
    What if you could have a solution or service that would take away the time invested in figuring out all these cybersecurity issues, would that be something you would be open to discussing {{first_name}}?
    If the answer is no to both of those questions and you are still not interested, no problem.
    Kind Regards
    Hey {{first_name}},
    Here are some statistics for you from the latest cybersecurity research in Ireland and Europe.
    One in three Irish companies and Organizations have no corporate data breach policy and almost half are poorly trained for data breaches.
    More than 50% of companies have said that they have suffered a data breach in the last year or so.
    External attacks have also increased, with almost one in five companies in Ireland claiming to have fallen victim to some form of malicious external attack.
    Data breaches, hacking attacks and employee negligence have all risen in the last year in most organizations.
    None of these stats am I pulling from thin air, these are from the National Data Protection Survey done this year.
    Now I want to also make it clear {{first_name}}, that me or we, at 4Securitas are not in this business of fearmongering anybody but more so to give you the reality on the continent right now.
    If you think you need any help with your Cybersecurity or want to improve it in any way, then I’m up for a chat if you are {{first_name}}.
    Hi {{first_name}}
    It looks like at this time Cyber security is not your top priority which is perfectly normal as I am sure you are extremely busy with other projects.
    Is that correct {{first_name}}?
    If at any time in the future you would like to have a chat or ask any questions then please feel free to reach out and I would be happy to set up a call.
    For now I will say goodbye and hope to speak to you in the near future.
    If you would like to keep up to date of our company, then please find our linkedin page below.
    That’s the emails I send out.
    First email goes out in DAY 1
    Second email goes in DAY4
    Third email goes out in DAY 7
    Fourth EMAIL goes out in DAY12
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    Will Barron
    Nov 13, 2023
    Will Barron Nov 13, 2023

    Hey Shane, here are some notes and then I’ve rewritten the emails below.

    It’s worth jumping on a group coaching call tomorrow and I can answer any questions you have.


    • Way too long. A good test for email length is to email yourself the message, sit on the toilet, open the message on your phone and ask yourself how much you’d read before deleting if the message was sent to you.
    • Write like you speak. You’d never say “we’ve yet to be properly introduced” if you spoke to a prospect in real life.
    • There must be some personalization. The prospect must get the message and go “ah, this is specifically been sent to me, because…”
    • Don’t have more than one CTA/question in the email.
    • You’re sharing too much information. The prospect doesn’t care how the product works.
    • Second email is a “bump” email. They get responses but I feel they are lazy. If the prospect was going to reply, they wouldn’t need a reminder.
    • You talk about “you” a lot. The buyer doesn’t care. You need to talk about them.
    • Four emails before a “break up email” isn’t enough. The prospect might have been on holiday for the first three.

    Some concepts:

    Embrace the curiosity loop. Don’t tell them everything. They have to jump on a call to understand fully. That’s the exchange of value.

    All you need to do is put the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time. Your messages are so generic that it’s not clear who the right person is.

    You’re not getting to the bottom of how dangerous the situation is for these folks. You need to get out of the zone of indifference.


    Will Barron
    Nov 13, 2023
    Will Barron Nov 13, 2023

    Remember, the goal of your outreach is to book a meeting. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re not trying to explain a product or close a deal. You’ve no idea if you can help until you speak to the person.


    Email One:

    Hi {{first_name}},

    Connecting because your email has popped up in our database of recent data leaks.


    Having just worked with the Irish Gov to resolve this we might be able to help.

    Would it make sense if we jumped on a quick call and I’ll explain the vulnerability?




    Email Two:

    Hi {{first_name}},

    50% of similar Irish companies have suffered a data breach in the last year.

    One in five Irish companies have fallen victim to an external attack.

    You might have your IT security all wrapped up but would it make sense if I explain the potential vulnerability?




    Email Three:

    Take the templates I’ve given you there and start building out a few more emails.

    Don’t feel like you have to have them all perfected before you start adding people to this cadence. If email one is day one and email two is day three, you now have three days to create and schedule email three and so on.

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