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    Cold Emails Review
    Shane Reynolds
    Dec 18, 2023

    Hi Will,

    I have added more emails to the three emails you created for me in the last asset review.

    Let me know your thoughts on it.

    Email 1

    Subject Line: Urgent Data Leak.

    Hi {{first_name}},
    A Cyber Risk Assessment was carried out on your organization.
    The data we inputted was your company name and website.
    All of this information below is public exposure of your digital assets and can be attained by anybody.


    We are working with the Irish Government who were exposed in the same data breach.
    They narrowly missed a number of consequences
    Would it make sense if we jumped on a quick call and I’ll explain the vulnerability and what we found?
    Email 2:
    Subject Line first_name-All sorted?
    I emailed about a severe data leak at {{company}}
    You’re not alone. 1 in 5 Irish Companies have been attacked in a similar way this year.
    You might have your IT security all wrapped up but would it make sense to jump on a quick call just to sanity check this recent breach?
    Email 3
    Subject Line: Cost vs Value of knowledge for company
    Hey {{first_name}},
    Most of the potential vulnerabilities we scan for can be avoided, if the IT professional understands the threat.
    Unfortunately sometimes its too late!
    What is the value of knowing the threat and then applying what you have learned as opposed to the cost of something happening?
    Do you think it makes sense to know more about the email addresses that were leaked in your organization?
    Email 4
    Subject Line: Our CEO
    Hi {{first_name}},
    Stefan Uygur(CEO 4Securitas) is currently consulting with the Irish and Italian Governments
    Here is his Linkedin Profile:
    Would there be value connecting with him on a quick call here?
    Email 5
    Subject Line: How we perform the assessments
    Hi {{first_name}},
    Do you want to know why CRA is different than all other competitors?
    Its because of its simplicity to use.
    We only add two bits of information and immediately CRA will automatically scan your entire digital assets.
    Like the information I shared on the first email, we collect very important information that tells a lot about your IT Security.
    Would it be smart for us to have a call and tell you more how we do the scan?
    Email 6
    Subject Line: Think like the Enemy does
    The data breach you suffered in November could have been avoided if you know how the enemy thinks.
    That’s how our CEO Stefan Uygur would view it and how he educates the likes of Irish Businesses and Organizations like yourselves.
    Would you like to know how the enemy thinks {{first_name}}?
    What he looks for when trying to intrude and gather information.
    Do you want to see how they exploit weaknesses?
    Email 7
    Subject Line: Penn testing vs Cyber Risk Assessment
    I’m sure {{company}} has at some point performed an onsite physical penetration testing.
    But those are usually once off tests.
    The difference we have is it can be tested anytime which is what you want, right?
    What happens though after you have done your Penn Test?
    You probably assume you are protected right?
    Thats not the case though.
    Does it make sense to jump on a call and we can explain the difference?
    Email 8:
    Subject Line: Are you prepared for NIST 2?
    Hi {{first_name}},
    Have you everything implemented for {{company}} to be compliant with NIST 2?
    Do you have Cyber Insurance?
    All of this will be required very soon.
    Think of NIST2 like the Heath and Safety Regulations we have in Ireland.
    Would it be smart to have a call and we can tell you more about it?
    Email 9:
    Subject Line: Is this a priority First name?
    Hi {{first_name}},
    It seems like the recent data leak at {{company}} is not a priority.
    Have I got the wrong end of the stick or is there someone else I should be connecting with?
    These are the email addresses I have created.
    Will Barron
    Dec 19, 2023
    Will Barron Dec 19, 2023

    Hey Shane, did you send these emails and have data on the results?

    That’ll help before I work through them.

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